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Angie Meadors has a lot going for her. This past December, she qualified for her sixth trip to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, where she won two go-rounds outright and split the final night of competiton.

Angie Meadors
Angie Meadors

In all, she walked away from ProRodeo’s season championship event with $50,700 in earnings, which just about anyone would take.

But on Monday afternoon, the Oklahoma cowgirl was in Denver for the National Western Stock Show, and she has no voice, which put a little damper on the interview I wanted to do with her.

You see, Meadors allowed her friend, Jana Beam, to borrow Ticket at the Dodge Texas Circuit Finals Rodeo this past weekend. Ticket is one of Meadors’ horses, a solid replacement for Beam, who has been without her top horse, Willy, since he suffered a torn suspensory in one of his hind legs last May. Beam, who finished runner-up in the circuit standings, is looking into running Ticket at the Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo, which runs March 31-April 3 in Oklahoma City.

So Angie and I did what we could given the situation: We conducted the interview via text messaging, something you couldn’t have done 15 years ago.


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Dawn Mansker / January 10, 2011

That brings whole new meaning to Get-Ir-Done woohoo!!!


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