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I love the power of a people working together, and thousands of Professional Bull Riders fans are uniting in a single effort to get announcer Justin McKee his job back.

Justin McKee
Justin McKee

I’m not sure it’ll work, but I applaud the effort.

Justin is a rodeo announcer turned TV commentator who still loves the life on the rodeo trail. He got the job as a play-by-play commentator when the PBR became its own producer a decade ago and hired McKee and Tuff Hedeman to call the shots, replacing Dan Miller and Don Gay.

The truth is, Justin and Tuff took their lumps in those early years, but each broadcast showed the two were getting better at being TV stars. McKee used his years of knowing the cowboys and understanding the bull business to continue to progress. When Tuff moved away from the PBR, Justin has teamed with a handful of others.

By the time producers promoted Craig Hummer to the role of play-by-play commentator, McKee was handling the role of color analyst. He excelled at the role, even though there were a host of color analysts on set, from Ty Murray to Justin McBride to J.W. Hart. Even though he was the best analyst on each show, he was being weeded out in favor of former bull riders.

PBR fans are a little miffed, as you might expect. They say the production is lacking, and they’re probably right. But it’s also the world of change, and most of us don’t like change. I watched Sunday’s final performance from Anaheim, Calif., and I will admit that there are several pieces of the puzzle missing to make a high quality production.

But probably the most telling sign that fans are upset with McKee’s absence in the PBR telecasts is the Save Justin McKee page on Facebook, which has more than 1,600 fans already, including Josh Peter, author of Fried Twinkies, Buckle Bunnies, and Bull Riders, a novel about the PBR.

The truth is I’d love to see Justin doing what he loves, whether explaining things on a PBR telecast or calling the action at a small rodeo in Kansas. He’s earned the right to be happy.


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Joyce Aldrich / January 25, 2011

I want Justin McKee back~Donny Gay was a wonderful commentator also…Like very much JW in the booth but Justin is missing and its not the same! The “Truth Booth” is dumb! I love Ty Murry but he is as dry as a piece of stale bread! This wired business is crap also …the only ones they send it down to in the Brizilains…no one can understand them! In other words I’m 75 years old and have watched this from the beginning and been the biggest fan in southeast Mo. There aren’t to many fans around here….anyway what i really want to say is your taking the country out of Bull Riding! Was a big mistake for Randy Bernard to leave ..don’t know this new guy that took his place but he is ruing bullriding and your going to lose a lot of fans!!! I do not like the short round both nights and we do not get to see the top 40 riders…was a big mistake to take off the top 45…..I don’t know I like to see all of them ride whether they get bucked off or not..its still fun! Thanks for having this comment page so I could rant and rave!

Joe Scully / January 25, 2011

True, but IMHO, McKee gave a better perspective about Bulls more than anything.
As a Canadian, I rarely get to watch; we only get the rare NBC Broadcast. The one I saw from NYC had it’s ups and downs, and I truly missed McKee.

Ted Stovin / January 26, 2011

Where are you from Joe? I think I read somewhere Toronto is that correct?

Joe Scully / January 27, 2011

I live in Erin, Ontario, approximately 45 minutes north-west of the core of Toronto. I was born in the Greater Toronto Area, so, I usually use Toronto in my bio as that’s a little more renown (stressing the word “little” in some parts).
As for the Canadian Rodeo / Bull Riding Coverage…it is terrible in Eastern Canada and slightly OK in Western Canada.
A long time ago, OLN Canada carried a lot of OLN /Versus (USA) programming, thus PBR was on a lot of the time. They even went forward and started carrying the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo (even more awesome).
Eventually, OLN Canada re-branded and stopped with the “sports” end and went more with the “outdoors end”.
They were sold and purchased in a major media shuffle / split over the past few years.
In 2009, TSN Canada carried the WNFR out of nowhere, though on delay, it was great to see in Canada; but that turned into a one time deal, unfortunately.
So, as far as regular Canadian Cable and Satellite event coverage (Direct TV / Free-to-Air is a no-no here with our FCC equivalent, the CRTC), we have outstanding coverage of the Calgary Stampede on CBC Bold – government funded network, and the odd PBR short go when on NBC.
This of course is barring any documentary-type coverage or maybe a local TV angle.
Now, to carry that forward to the PBR… I was involved in a few events their inaugural year of PBR Canada. We went to markets that had never had Bull Riding in the past 20+ years, and there were a lot of fans there that knew all of the top bull riders. It was awesome. They followed on Television leading into the event, and actually got to meet their favourite rider at the autograph session. Now….only the uber-uber fan can follow online. I truly feel that there isn’t a brand in Eastern Canada anymore. It could be PBR/CBR/PRCA/CPRA/SEBRA or even open… uber-uber fans fill a section, general admission fills a building; and the uber-uber fans can’t be a fan of something they can’t watch.
I’m not sure if I could make an argument of whether the lack of coverage even hinders regular rodeo or related event marketing, but there’s a big difference between seeing a sport on television repeatedly and deciding to eventually experience it live, or to not see it on television and discover it in some other fashion…
It’s rather ironic. We’d love to just have the opportunity to watch it, even if the American Idol trio were the commentators at this point.

amy / January 25, 2011

This new producer, format sucks! Get rid of the new producer that does not know jack bullriding and bring back Justin who does.

wanda jones / January 25, 2011

I’m ready to start following Tuff and the CBR !!! Someone is messing up the PBR bad. Bring McKee back! Where is Leah Garcia?

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Cindy Meyers / January 25, 2011

There are few people in the industry that know the bulls, the riders and the mechanics of bull riding like Justin McKee. His voice is easy to understand and listen to as well. Scores and who is who is important to the enjoyment of the telecast and we would all love to have Justin back.

Mike Moore / January 25, 2011

come on y’all lets get Justin back in da game like to watch him ride ,he is da best commentator of all time so all you cowboys and cowgirls lets voice up for Justin Mckee he does good work at whatever he puts him self in…. i have met him a few years back when i was on them mean old nasty bulls ….Justin ur a good hand good luck to ya bud …ur friend Mike

Bobby Townlian / January 25, 2011

i am a bull rider myself an it has always been a dream of mine to be n the pbr …but after all this drama that has taken place the pbr is nothin more than a bunch of sell outs if u ask me …ur first mistake was get n rid of don an tuff…now u took away the best announcer that has evr been involved n rodeo …u got this craig hummer who is a sport commentator ,he dont know a dang thing about rodeo or the life style that comes with it .an then dont evan get me started on the retarded CHALLANGE BUTTON…thats so stupid what ever happen to u ride ur bulls an its up to the judge end of dont get me wrong i like the breed n programs but n e more it seems like its more about the bulls that the riders…when tuff an all those boys started the pbr it was to make more money for the riders an give them a chance to compete n the best bull riding around …well to compete n the best u have to have the best an u dont n the pbr are the guys that r willing to put up with dumb crap to b there i have so many freinds that go thousends of miles to spend there last dollar to try to make it on tour an they get no were cuse they dont have the right name…the pbr has become a meidia show an all the riders (no offence to ne one.) have become there puppets i mean its jus rediculouse an how renoto pushed the button on one of his fellow riders …thats not how rodeo is supposed to b …we all have always helped an rooted for eachother …i do not like what the pbr has become whoever is in charge has ruined so many ppl like myselfs dreams cause i can only speak for myself but im sure im not the only one who refuses to have n e thing to do witth them ….my personal opinion the pbr was its best n late 90z…that was real bull riding ,u rode ur bull that u got a scorte an u went on there was no replays or n e of that crap…but today if u wanna watch a real bull riding with the traditinal rules regulatin an owners/operators…u might as well purchess urself a CBR ticket…an i dont know if u read this or not but justin ur the best u should be with the best(TUFF ) an 2ndly y would u want ur job back if they dont want u there? jus a thought of mine

max / January 25, 2011

Justin McKee should be on the PBR telecasts and J.W. should be in the arena. Ty needs to back off and make only token appearances. G-Man needs to be back too. Erin can go back to bed and Leah needs to stay where she’s needed.

Randall Barton / January 25, 2011

I think that Justin was a big asset to the PBR, and still could be if not comentating some where else. This Bobby Townlain guy seems to forget that “tuff and the boys” started the PBR to first bring more money to the riders and have the best of the best in riders and bulls at the events. Then to BRING BULL RIDING TO THE NEXT LEVEL and I think that they have done this, if you don’t think so go to some of the other sancations, not even close. As far as the challenge button I think that it is a good thing, because when I was riding there was a few times that I thought they was wrong, judges can be wrong too, they are going on what it looks like to them. If he thinks that CBR is better than the PBR then I wonder about his judgement of bullriding at its best, no insult to the CBR intended, but they know they have a ways to go before they are at the level of the PBR. Thats all that I am going to say on that. And wow this forum even brought a coment from an ol’ Illinios cowboy like Mike Moore that should get them going, good hearing that you are still out there Mike. Again I do think that they should get Justin and Leah back on, thank you for letting me have my say, and thanks for your time

John Bauman / January 26, 2011

I’m a huge fan of PBR from Kansas City and see a trend of (new school) coming down the pipe here. They are trying to capture the younger crowd and forgeting about the fans that got them where thier at today. This is just a smaller version of what they did to country music. We need Justin back,he is the back bone of his position and what happened to Leah Garcia ? This is just a kick in the shorts to a fan !!!

Joyce Aldrich / February 3, 2011

I agree with you all the way and another thing is the stupid “truth booth”~It simple needs to go! Thanks for putting into words the way I feel exactly!

Carla / January 26, 2011

Know your market PBR. Loyal. Horse owning blue collar farm and country people who watch because they love the sport and felt a connection to JM, michael g, Leah and JW
Your viewers are not interested in slick production, fancy graphics and forcing these bullriders into being pseudo celebrities. They just want to ride bulls and we as viewers want to feel like we’re sittin on the fence watching. It wasn’t broken but you tried fixin it. Better listen to your target market folks. It’s not slick talkin city slickers. It’s country people, ranchers, horse folks and rodeo folks. Bring back more Flint. Let’s us watch the bullfighters working more after a ride. I don’t care to watch a cowboy kneeling by the side if the arena. I agree with the others comments. Truth booth is dumb. The only thing I actually like is the new intro with the new song.

Cindy / January 26, 2011

Ok we’re three weeks in and I hate the new format – its not just about change, it happens, but what were they thinking? Its PBR, bull riding, cowboys , loyal fans – its what America is founded on right?? Well I may be pushing that a little but all I know is that the production is sorely lacking! What’s with the MTV voice telling us coming up next……This is not Ryan Secrist land! The commentary is scripted and just plain boring. I’m a die hard fan but I’m checking out Tuff’s CBR tour – its on ESPN sometimes – PBR better step up and listen to their fans. First Step: BRING BACK JUSTIN!
Thank you all for listenen.

Joe Ashworth / January 26, 2011

Watching the PBR this last weekend was kinda like watching paint dry! What is wrong with you people you hire a girl who does not have a clue what bull riding is and you fire people that know more then you do. Justin is the best. We need him back, and the old format.

Melanie craig / January 26, 2011

I feel it is a sad day for the PBR. And for the Riders, this is their living. We have been PBR fans for many years and spend alot of money on our favorite sport the PBR. However, I feel like these changes have ruined the PBR. You say change is good, Well THIS IS NOT A GOOD CHANGE!!!! We want Justin and Leah back! I want to enjoy the PBR not get mad everytime I even think of it now. You don’t fix something thats not broke. I hope we the fans are listened to on this matter, or we will no longer be fans. I REALLY GET SAD JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. Now we have 10 for the short go not 15, not the top 45 anymore, Justin Mckee is gone, I always trusted him to tell us what was going on and love the history he had to share with us. I am very disappointed, with the PBR. I have yet to hear a response from them ,to us the fans. We are what has helped this sport grow to what it is today. I REALLY WONDER IF WE ARE LISTENED TO OR THEY REALLY EVEN CARE, Not a word from them, and I have certainly called and e-mailed ALOT!!!! We will be saving for a vacation now, No more PBR for us, till you get back to the REAL PBR. Really hope it happens.

Melanie craig / January 28, 2011


Chris / February 13, 2011

Dittos to what every one is saying!!!!! Where is Leah and Justin? And why cut down to only 30 riders? And one of my biggest gripes, would it kill you to constantly put up the name of the bull before he comes out of the chute?

Jeana Walsh / January 26, 2011

I noticed a lot of dead air with the new floormat. Also there used to be many replays from many different angles. This was very helpful. I also noticed myself drifting away from watching it as I have never done before. Justin always explained everything over and over so we all knew what just happened. I miss seeing all the riders as well. It sure would be nice to have Justin back and not have all that dead air anymore.

Let’s talk Leah Garcia | twisTED rodeo / January 26, 2011

[…] VERSUS telecasts of events, and many fans miss Garcia and longtime announcer Justin McKee – see this post. In fact, several fans have made reference to Garcia on that […]

Ted Stovin / January 26, 2011

I am going to have to agree with you all about how the PBR telecasts have changed in a negative way this season. It’s kind of funny how big the hype was on the big changes coming and how much better it was going to be with David Neal as the producer. I think what might be the problem is that he didn’t know bull riding enough. I read somewhere that he had only seen bull riding a few times before he got the job. With someone that new to the sport it would be nearly impossible for the PBR to stay “for the cowboys” especially when the producer decides what the public sees.

The only event I was able to see so far was the short go of NYC. I thought there were some good parts but like some of you have already said, it was dry and boring at times. Especially during the rides, I think the noise from behind the chutes is encouraging when you are riding but really wouldn’t be that exciting from home because all that is happening is a bunch of people yelling at the guy riding. When watching TV I want to hear a commentator calling the ride as it happens. I think what they did here could be compared to Nascar is they just took a mic and put it on a car. Doesn’t really make much sense.

I hope that things change and I think the only way for that to happen is for us to keep raising hell about it.

Being a bull rider with his sights set on the highest levels of bull riding, I think we need to have places to ride where the fans actually get an education of what our sport is really about. What do you think?

Kris DiLorenzo / January 27, 2011

To Ted Harbin and everyone who posted on this site: you rock!
I’ve had a blog up since last May, and am collecting “signatures” (peoples’ names or screen names, and locations) for a petition to the PBR executives–all of them. Please go to: to read the petition and post your comments. The first petition will go to them on Feb. 2, so post soon!
I was a rock music publicist, so I know how to get attention. I’m going to keep this up until the PBR brings back Justin…and Leah! Has anyone heard anything about what’s going on with her absence?

Ted Harbin / January 27, 2011

I’ve learned that Leah is still working with the PBR on a rotating schedule, with both her and Erin expected to be part of 15 shows each. I’ve also received word that Leah likes being part of the PBR still and appreciates the opportunity to work part time.

So be patient. You’ll see Leah again.

Sterling / January 27, 2011

Letting go Justin McKee and Michael Gaffney will show to be the slow downfall of the PBR. Television, not just being at the event, helps drive the sport. The cowboys that have announced this sport over the past several years have made the television broadcast a great experience before, between and after each ride.

I have no personal problem with Craig Hummer, but he has never been good at announcing a sport that he is still learning about. The men that have been around it since they were boys should be the ones doing the job when they can work together on whatever level of broadcasting persona they have. The mix has been great most of the time.

Ty Murray, as we all know, has the knowledge to speak about any aspect of rodeo. He should not be announcing the PBR broadcast on more than an occasional basis and with limited time during a broadcast. Ty is a wonderful guy, but is as dry as a Southwest wind coming out of Lubbock in August.

Get it back to the format of last year but limit Hummer and eliminate him if possible. Let him announce the ultimate fighters, as in the past. You can’t teach a city guy to know what the sport of bullriding is really about unless he has done it.

Knowledgeable PBR fans need knowledgeable commentators We had them and will need them to make the PBR continue to grow on television. Somebody put a boot in the PBR boards behind and straighten this mess up before they screw it up.

Ted Stovin / January 28, 2011

I really think Craig Hummer is a great guy and does well announcing a sport he isn’t really an expert in. I had the chance to meet Craig this past fall and the way he talked about the sport was inspiring. I thought it was great to hear someone in that position talk about bull riding in the way he did.

I’m not disagreeing with you too much but I do think Craig works really hard to be good at what he does. I think we need to cut him a little slack too. I mean how hard is it to learn a whole sport being in his position? I have worked for years to know what I do about rodeo in my career and there is still more to learn. I could explain bull riding to someone who knew some stuff about it but I get quite frustrated when trying to tell a person what the flank really does.

I think Craig does well for his experience with the sport. He can help someone closer to his shoes just what it’s all about and those are the kind of people we need.

Greg Doering / January 27, 2011

without Justin the PBR telecasts are not as entertaining!!

virginia fouch / January 29, 2011

Im not from horse or farm country, I live on an island off the coast of NC, but I have been a fan of the PBR for many years. I go to as many events as i can. It is heart-stopping action and thrilling entertainment. Over the years I’ve learned about the bulls and the riders. Justin is THE BEST commentator the PBR ever had,knowledgeable and funny. Too think he is not good enough for the PBR is ridiculous, To you who is in the front office have a clue? Bring Justin Back please!!!

Joe Ashworth / January 29, 2011

I think Craig Hummer is a nice guy, however he is not Justin McKee and could never be as informative or intertaining as Justin. We need Justin back.

JJ Cardwell / January 30, 2011

Please bring back Justin McKee! I am all for change, WHEN it is for the best. But the changes on PBR all seem to be for the positive. I am sorry, but Leah was and is a lot better than Erin. The cowboys don’t react to her very well either. Wiring the riders, all you hear is their breathing. Wire the Bullfighters, if you feel you need to wire someone. Why does the scoring always disappear before you can read all the scoring? Why don’t you show the name of the rider and bull like you used to when they started riding? Look at a previous telecast from last season and you should figure out what you really need to do. My best to all the cowboys, hope the new format is not bothering your riding!

Virginia Seals / January 30, 2011

I lost interest in football when all the players became free agents and no longer stayed with one team for any length of time. I lost interest in Nascar when they made all the cars the same and now I find myself wandering away from the PBR because it’s no longer as good as it was. I wonder what Ford will do when the TV audience starts to dwindle. The changes made to the show are big and don’t seem to be very welcome by the viewers. I hope someone in charge will realize what is happening and fix it.

okfantoo / January 30, 2011

How many times can you hear about “timing” and “counter-moves”? We watched last nights PBR and like the others..didn’t mind drifting away from the television. It was so boring without Justin McKee and with the new “wired” and “truth booth”! How about Erin jumping off those steps and running to find her bullrider so she could ask him one very simple question!! She can’t hold a candle to Leah on interviewing the bullriders. We might could make it through all the changes if Justin McKee were still there…but as it is now…the CBR is much more entertaining than the PBR!

Sandy Dixon / January 30, 2011

I’m not trying to complain about change just to be complaining. However, some things need to stay the same. Justin McKee in the announcers booth is one of those things. We miss him a lot. We also miss Dub and Mac and Leah. They might not have been professional telecasters, but we enjoyed them and what they brought to the table. At one time we actually paid a penalty to change satellite companies when they dropped Versus because we weren’t going to be without PBR. We loved it. A down to earth good time is what we’re looking for and with all the changes taking place we’re not real impressed anymore.

Joe Ashworth / January 30, 2011

Where is our PBR? I am an old navy man and there is a term that we use in the Navy to discribe a mess so here goes. The PBR is a cluster f++K and I don’t know if it can ever be fixed. You guys have really screwed things up. We want our old PBR back the way it was in 2010.

phillip martin / February 1, 2011

PLEASE BRING BACK JUSTIN MCKEE, he is a real announcer that brings excitement to the PBR . We also enjoy Ty Murray, JW Hart , Justin McBride, Leah Garcia. We are big PBR fans and have met most of the guys in person. My wife and I have traveled to see and have pictures with Cody Lambert while he was still riding, Jim Sharp, Tuff Hedeman, Jerome Davis, Adrianno Moras. We love th PBR bring back Justin

Joe Ashworth / February 1, 2011

Does anyone know when the CBR airs on TV and what channel? I noticed them on GAC but can’t find any up and comming events. If I can find them I am switching and I think everyone should boycott the PBR.

Joe Ashworth / February 2, 2011

I am a disabled veteran and looked forward to the PBR every weekend. I know that things do not last like people. I have lost many friends to war so I am no stranger to change,however loosing McKee and the PBR the way it was has me more upset then anything that happend in war. You guys have ignored your fans and people like me that can’t come out to the events. Justin McKee was the best and most positive, informative commentator you have ever hired. You see when you fired Justin it is worse then a war so you not only kicked Justin in the teeth but his fans. I will make sure that Ford knows how upset with you I am along with along with any of the other sponsers.

Ted Harbin / February 2, 2011

A few things I’d like to point out: No. 1, thanks so much for commenting; I think everything is awesome, and I appreciate you taking the time to make your feelings known.

No. 2, if you’re upset with the way things are done, and there are enough people who are, then go after the guts, in this case the financial side and the sponsors. Tell Ford and Jack Daniels and others your thoughts on the PBR. As far as boycotting, you can also hit the financial by not showing up to the events, but who is hurting more at that point?

I suspect many of you are fans and you still want to enjoy the action, the danger, the athleticism that is involved. Don’t miss out on that. You can still root for the J.B. Mauneys and the Chicken On A Chains.

As for those interested in paying more attention to the CBR, its telecasts will be Tuesdays on Great American Country beginning May 3. To see the broadcast schedule, just go to

GAC is also the home of the PRCA championship events, which will air Sunday nights starting Feb. 13.

I recommend you take them all in. You’ll love the competition.

Joe Ashworth / February 2, 2011

I agree with your post Ted. How can we as fans complain to the sponsers of the PBR? I have tried to find public relations for Ford on the internet with no luck.

Ted Harbin / February 2, 2011

I’d recommend contacting your local dealership and getting a head start there.

Joe Ashworth / February 2, 2011

Thanks Ted I shot Ford an email we will see if anything comes of it.Joe

Joe Ashworth / February 3, 2011

I sent the PBR another letter today so I thought I would share it with everyone.
You guys claim that you will be responding to all emails. I am in touch with several hundred fans of the PBR and they all say the same thing. We have received no response to our emails. The only response has been a canned one. When are you guys going to get it together? I have written a letter to Ford Motor Co. To let them know how upset we all are and how much we want our old PBR back. Thanks for respecting your fans Joe Ashworth Fan and disabled veteran

Tucker / February 3, 2011

Leah and Justin need to be back. Justin knows the bulls and riders better than the others and Leah knows the riders better

Donda Cordova / February 3, 2011

I would love to see Justin back. Hopefully someone will listen to the fans and people in the industry that know about the sport.

Joe Ashworth / February 3, 2011

I just received an email from the MORONS OF THE PBR and they say they are not bringing Justin McKee back that is was a hard decition for them to make, but that is was the best for the fans. Go Figure!! I guess we are not fans.

Joe Ashworth / February 4, 2011

I received a response from Ford Motor Company today and they say they are looking into the matter of all the fans being upset with the PBR. They even gave me a phone number to call Public Relations @ 1800-392-3673. I have not phoned it yet but I will.

Anne / February 5, 2011

It’s bad enough to have to chase the versus PBR when its dumped for another sport
but the production keeps changing from Justin and Leah to constant commenting on
every ride until I have to watch it on mute. It’s not a golf tournament and I miss
Mc Kee and Garcia although they obviously don’t need PBR with their backgrounds.
PS I don’t think it matters whether the stars are U.S. or Brazalian if the can perform
the great way they do. These guys all do their job and are dedicated.

Carol & Bill / February 5, 2011

We’ve been watching PBR for years, but that may change. Please, please, please bring back both Justin & Leah!! Justin was a great ambassador for the sport. Leah really knew her stuff, and was great to watch. Erin needs to go. At Portland, we watched in horror as JB Mauney approached her and she just ignored him while she worked on her computer. Leah would never have ignored one of the riders!

Also, at Portland, why did they have Justin McBride remove his really, really nice cowboy hat? Can’t figure that one.

Lose the Truth Booth. It contributes nothing, and makes the riders look dumb.

Joe Ashworth / February 9, 2011

FYI Leah will be back Feb 26, for 6 events

Joe Ashworth / February 11, 2011

Last night on PBRnow McBride and Jw both said it like it is. They said”McKee is the real commentator”. Even they feel he does a better job then they do so why in hell is he not in the booth at the PBR?? What Lame Brain Fired him in the first place?? We demand that you bring Justin McKee back to the booth immediately

Larry Benson / February 13, 2011

Read first post of Joyce Aldrich , and totally agree! Have not read all the posts yet, but I like others was willing to give the changes a shot. Not anymore!
THe dual rounds is stupid. If a rider does not make it into the frst short go, he is probably down one or two bulls and the weekend is OVER. The old format, if you bucked of the first night the worst you were one bull behind, but had a chance to catch up and make it into the short go. I have learned many lessons as a computer programmer, DO NOT CHANGE TOO MANY THINGS AT ONE TIME!
Make small changes, test them and then keep the ones that work and then try some more. Truth Booths sucks! If we had Leah, wouldn’t need it. Wired is ok, but so/so. First time some guy in the chute says a bad work and that will be gone (like Brent Haber).
I summary , DUMP Craig, bring back Justin & Leah, dump extra short go, and oh yea, find Brent Haber, he was much better than Craig, just had an open mic problem.
Hope this gets to the people who can make a difference and I hope they take it as constructive feedback. I did not voice my concerns until now, gave it a chance, but we are dying. Get a focus group, take a vote. Heck, fewer people in Egypt threw out their leader, surely some will listen to us?

Marjorie / February 14, 2011

Justin needs to be brought back, not for just a few events, but all of them. I swear if I have to sit through many more weekends of Ty Murry’s monotone announcing, I am going to skip all but the final go around when he is on!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sandi Royle / May 14, 2011

Justin, Mcbride and J W need to come back. Justin all the time and the other two when they can. Hummer and Murray do not cut the mustard, as the saying goes. We cannot hardly stand to watch it anymore because it is so boring. We don’t watch it like we use to,too bad that the PBR made the change and we sure hope something will be done for the rest of the year

Beverlee Stepien / August 13, 2011

Bring back Justin McKee and Leah Garcia. It’s not the same without them

Roxie G. / October 31, 2011

Hello everyone! I’m still REALLY missing Justin McKee’s commentary & humor, would it do any good to start writing NBC, who’s taking over Versus? Really glad Leah is back and I’d also enjoy seeing Michael Gaffney again too……. really isn’t the same at all without ’em!


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