Month: April 21, 2011

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Was it karma?

I wonder if it was karma or happenstance, but those of us who watched the Fort Hays State University rodeo last weekend couldn’t help but notice the bulls failing to leave the arena. As announcer Travis Schauda pointed out, the out gate was sponsored by a local steakhouse, and in the banner that covered the[...]
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Celebrating rodeo alumni

One of the great things about attending the Fort Hays State University rodeo last weekend was seeing old friends. But there was a lot more to it. This was the first reunion in the 45-year history of the college’s rodeo club. The biggest and best thing about the weekend, though, came late Saturday afternoon when[...]
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It’s reunion weekend

The Fort Hays (Kan.) State University Rodeo is this weekend, and I’m surrounded by my old haunts at my alma mater. I’m looking forward to the Central Plains Region action, but I’m also looking forward to seeing some old friends, no matter their school allegiance — it kind of comes with the territory of having[...]
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An excited crew

Associates with Pre-Paid Legal Services Inc. are plenty excited to be teamed with cowboy and “amazing” racer Cord McCoy. In a release that was sent out last week and posted on, McCoy announced the sponsorship agreement with the Ada, Okla.-based organization that has representatives all across the country. Apparently the folks at Pre-Paid Legal[...]
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