Brazile snares Claremore steer roping title

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CLAREMORE, Okla. – Trevor Brazile owns the most prestigious record in ProRodeo with his eight all-around world championships.

Trevor Brazile
Trevor Brazile

He’s closing in on several more.

Brazile, of Decatur, Texas, has earned 14 gold buckles in his 15-year Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association career, including three tie-down roping titles, two steer roping championships and a team roping-heading victory. He’s won two Triple Crowns – earning three world championships in a single season – doing so in 2007 and 2010.

During Thursday’s opening day of competition at the Will Rogers Stampede, Brazile won steer roping, earning the first-round victory and placing third in the second round. In all, he added $2,609 to his season earnings. It marks the fifth time this season he has earned a steer roping title, adding to victories in San Antonio; Odessa, Texas; Bridgeport, Texas; and Guymon, Okla.

Overall, Brazile has earned 18 rodeo titles this season, nine of which are all-around crowns. He’s earned more than $107,000. Less than a month ago in Guymon, he added the team roping title roping with Patrick Smith, and pocketed more than $14,000 to earn the all-around championship, a mini Triple Crown.

He’s well on his way to earning another. In addition to his steer roping victory, Brazile posted an 8.1-second run in tie-down roping and carries that lead heading into the final two performances in Claremore, set for 7:30 p.m. Saturday-Sunday. Whatever money earned in that event likely will push Brazile to his 10th all-around victory in 2011.

Will Rogers Stampede
, Okla.
Steer roping
First round

1. Trevor Brazile, 10.8, $983; 2. Rocky Patterson, 12.2, $813; 3. Cody Scheck, 13.6, $644; 4. Cody Lee, 14.0, $474; 5. Rod Hartness, 14.1, $305; 6. Brad Prather, 15.1, $169.
Second round

1. Jason Stockton, 10.7, $983; 2. Will Gasperson, 10.8, $813; 3. Trevor Brazile, 11.3, $644; 4. J. Paul Williams, 11.5, $474; 5. Cody Lee, 11.7, $305; 6. Worm Shipley, 11.8, $169.

1. Trevor Brazile, 22.1, $983; 2. Cody Lee, 25.7, $813; 3. Rocky Patterson, 26.4, $644; 4. Chuck Thompson, 31.1, $474; 5. Brady Garten, 33.2, $305; 6. Mike Chase, 34.0, $169.


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