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T.J. Bohlender of Canyon, Texas, gets a good start during his steer wrestling run during Thursday's opening performance of the Buck Wild Days Rodeo in Silverton, Texas.
T.J. Bohlender of Canyon, Texas, gets a good start during his steer wrestling run during Thursday's opening performance of the Buck Wild Days Rodeo in Silverton, Texas.

SILVERTON, Texas – T.J. Bohlender doesn’t venture too far away from his Canyon, Texas, home. The all-around cowboy is a newlywed and has a lot of things that require his attention at home.

That’s one reason he likes coming to the Silverton rodeo. The other might be the outstanding level of competition. In fact, Bohlender – a steer roper and steer wrestler – grappled his animal to the ground in 4.7 seconds Thursday night during the opening performance of the Buck Wild Days Rodeo.

“It just worked out well; Matt hazed good, and the horse worked good,” he said. “This sure helps out. I had a bad go of it in the steer roping, so this helps make up for it a little.”

The young cowboy is taking advantage of rodeos close to home and competing with one of the top contestants from this region – Matt Reeves of Cross Plains, Texas, did the hazing duties for Bohlender.

“This year I haven’t gone as hard as I should, and I plan to take the winter off,” said Bohlender, 24, who competed in steer roping on Wednesday morning but failed to place high enough to earn any money. “I’ve got a really good horse at home that I expect to be my superstar, so I need some work on him.

“This is only my second year ProRodeoing, but it works out pretty good for me.”

While competing in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association is new to him, this isn’t Bohlender’s first trip to Silverton. Before he joined the PRCA, he competed in smaller rodeos sanctioned by the Texas Rodeo Cowboys Association. The Buck Wild Days Rodeo twice was named TCRA rodeo of the year; now it’s vying to be one of the best PRCA events in Texas in just its second year in the association.

“The arena is awesome, in great condition,” said Bohlender, originally from Fowler, Colo. “They’ve done a bunch of work. I came to this rodeo when it was amateur; Silverton has always treated me well.”

Silverton, Texas
Through First Performance

No qualified rides

1. T.J. Bohlender, 4.7 seconds; 2. Matt Reeves, 5.1; 3. Rusty Hamilton, 5.8; 4. Kurt Stallings, 7.6; 5. Ryan Swayze, 10.0; 6. Shane Henderson, 16. 8.


1. Kyle Dutton and Joseph Gernentz, 10.0 seconds; 3. Tyson Runyan, 11.0; 4. Clayton Shaw, 11.3; 5. Cliff Kirkpatrick, 12.9; 6. Wacey Walraven, 13.8.

1. Cody Anthony, 78 points on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Sweet Emotion; 2. Tol Cawley, 75; 3. Kade Wooton, 74; 4. T.J. Haynie, 70; 5. Peter White II, 67; no other qualified rides.

First round:
1. Chris Glover, 10.0 seconds, $1,139; 2. Marty Jones, 10.2, $942; 3. Cody Lee, 10.5, $746; 4. Bryce Davis, 11.0, $550; 5. Gannon Quimby, 11.1, $353; 6. 11.5, $196.
Second round:
1. J.P Wickett, 10.1 seconds, $1,139; 2. Kim Ziegelgruber, 11.0, $942; 3. Buster Record Jr., Cody Lee and Hess Tierney, 11.5, $550 each; 6. Trey Wallace and Cody Garnett, 12.3, $98.
Third round:
1. Pecos Shannon, 10.4, $1,139; 2. Jess Tierney, 10.6, $942; 3. J.D. Yates, 10.9, $746; 4. Guy Allen, 11.6, $550; 5. Gannon Quimby, 11.8, $353; 6. Tim Abbott, 12.0, $196.
Average: 1. Cody Lee, 35.5 seconds on three runs, $1,708; 2. Bryce Davis, 27.3, $1,414; 3. Gannon Quimby, 39.0, $1,119; 4. Chris Glover, 40.9, $825; 5. Mike Chase, 41.2, $530; 6. Paul Patten, 41.8, $295.

1. Tyler Mangus/Shawn Brown, 5.9 seconds; 2. Casey Mahoney/John Paul Lucero, 6.6; 3. Nick Rawlings/Jed Middleton, 8.9; 4. Jake Pancost/Jaytin McCright, 15.5.

1. Alicia Sandoval, 18.08; 2. Layna Kight, 18.17; 3. Raquel Baize and Tara Timms, 18.18; 5. Sarah Kieckhefer, 18.42.

1. Casey Huckabee, 76 points on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Jo Jo; no other qualified rides.


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