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I worked the bull riding for the McCrossan Boys Ranch just outside of Sioux Falls, S.D., on Aug. 27 and was looking forward to having some time at home for a couple of weeks before I hit the road again.

It’s nice to be home and be able to get some things done that have been staring at my mind’s eye all spring and summer – I’ve just never had enough time to do it all.

All work and no play? NOT. Having not been around these parts most of the summer, I figured I’d run up to the South Dakota State Fair and take in the CBR bull riding last Thursday evening. After making sure the kids got to their respective soccer practices, I headed to Huron to see some ol’ friends and maybe even do some networking. I got to see and visit with my ol’ friends like Dustin Evans, Roach Hedeman, Cody Sosebee, Matt Zens, others, and met new ones.

They had two bullfighters Thursday because one of the three had gotten hurt the night before and couldn’t return for the Thursday performance.

The bull riding started, and I was hanging out by my friend, Matt Zens, who was there providing medical support to the contestants and personnel. On the first bull out, the rider hung up, the bull falls and gets back up with the rider still hung up. Bullfighter Matt Baldwin took a good shot while tending to the wreck.

I winced as I watched the bull hooked him right to the belly/ribs and lifted him into the air a few feet. I was thinking he’d be lucky if the bull didn’t get up under his rib-pads. He was doubled over for a bit, collecting himself as Matt Zens and the doctor on duty checked on with him.

Come to find out, the bull didn’t have to get under Matt Baldwin’s pads because he chooses not to wear rib-pads for some reason.

Somebody from the CBR came up and asked if I had my “stuff” with me. I laughed and told him no. He said to go get it on and walked off. A minute later, he come back over by the fence and told me where I could find some gear and a jersey. A quick change of clothes, and I was in the arena. It had only been three or four weeks since I last fought bulls in Dodge City when my groin gave me troubles, but that didn’t bother at all. I felt pretty at home and had fun.

It’s still kind of amazing to me: Here I was just seeing some ol’ friends, do a little networking and hang out. I got to do all that, then got to do what I really enjoy and even took home a check. My lucky day! Thank you, Jesus.

On the drive home, I reveled in the feeling of being blessed with the skills to do what I do and able to step in at a mere moment’s notice, wherever and at whatever level. On top of that, I needed the hour’s drive to figure a fun way to tell April about bringing home the unexpected income.

I am blessed more than I deserve. Thank you, Lord!


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