I’m counting the blessings of another year

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Another year is almost gone, and as I reflect back, I am very thankful for all the blessings of the year. My family members are all healthy. Cowboy Rigs is still providing service for people and an income for our family and two others. We have been blessed with some rain this year, and have hay. We have a barn full of great horses. The sun is shining today, and it is warm.

Although we did not make the NFR, we had a good year; I am thankful. Amigo had half an awesome year. I have learned many things that don’t work with Goose and have learned that persistence pays off. Never, never give up. Your breakthrough may be just around the corner.

I learned to cherish friends and time with them, because you don’t know when someone might get called home. One thing I know is that I will see many of my good friends again in heaven. I look forward to a huge reunion.

I am thankful to my partners, MAXX Sunglasses, Professionals’ Choice, Cowboy Rigs, Total Health Enhancement, Martin Saddlery and EquiPride. Some of these friends are new, and some have been with me several years. I encourage all of you to check out these companies and their products. I believe in them, and I use them.


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