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After I made the finals the second time in 2010, I decided I had nothing to prove; it was just time for me to have fun and spur buckin’ horses.

Last year was just a train wreck, so now I’m just ready. After last year, I have something to prove.

I feel good, and I’m ready to get after it. We’ve got Odessa (Texas) next week, then later next month we’ve got Denver. I’m a little older, a little longer in the tooth, but that’s just in age. You know, what I’ve figured out is that you can go get on five head, and you still won’t know anything. Heck, you can get on 10 head and still know nothin’.

What you need to do is just go rodeo all winter and all summer, then you know something. You can’t dwell on the season, and you can’t dwell on one weekend. You’ve just got to keep rodeoing and take advantage of the opportunities you get. Some times you have a jam-up ride, and sometimes you look like Don Knotts. Last year it boiled down to the fact that I didn’t capitalize on some of the horses I needed to.

I’ve got something to prove to myself this year. It’s time to get started.


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