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Mike Donnell is passionate about his business. He represents rodeo contestants, trying to help clients obtain sponsorships that are a vital part of the sport.

Donnell has penned a two-part series for Rodeo Fame magazine discussing the role of a sponsorship agent in rodeo. He owns Donnell Rodeo Promotions, which has been representing contestants and associations for a decade.

“I actually contacted the editors of the magazine a year or so ago to discuss their interest in an article on the contestants I represent,” Donnell said. “We began discussing my role in the sport, and they asked if I would write an article about it, so I agreed.”

The first of the two stories will appear in the spring 2013 edition. In the articles, Donnell will attempt to answer five questions: 1) What four options do rodeo contestants have in adding sponsors? 2) What can an agent provide a contestant to attract sponsors? 3) How does an agent market a contestant’s availability and value to prospective sponsors? 4) How should an agent-contestant representation agreement be structured? 5) What should the relationship be between an agent and other sponsors a contestant may already have?

“I hope others with experience in the sport will read the story and realize that if they follow these guidelines, they, too, could serve as agents,” said Donnell, who acknowledged the article might provide opportunities to represent more contestants. “We have a lot more talented contestants than we have agents to represent them.”


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