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KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Tyler Corrington and Jacobs Crawley came to the American Royal Rodeo on Saturday with redemption on their minds.

The saddle bronc riders hadn’t had much luck at the Justin Boots Championships, which are taking place in Omaha, Neb., this weekend. It offers one of the largest purses in the sport annually, but it’s limited to the top contestants in the world.

Tyler Corrington
Tyler Corrington

Corrington and Crawley fit the bill. Corrington, of Hastings, Minn., was third in the world standings heading into this weekend’s festivities with $94,042, while Crawley, of Stephenville, Texas, is fourth, just $116 behind. They added a little more to their bank accounts on the final day of competition in Kansas City.

Corrington won the American Royal title after an 84-point ride on Smith, Harper and Morgan’s Almost Heaven during Saturday’s matinee. For that, he earned $2,109.

“It was really important for me to do well here,” said Corrington, who has earned his second qualification to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the year-end championship that features only the top 15 contestants on the money list at the end of the regular in each event; it will take place Dec. 5-14 in Las Vegas. “I made a few changes in my saddle the last couple of days, and I’m happy with it. Hopefully I’ll get a little confidence going to the end of the year.”

Crawley – who posted an 83 Saturday night to finish in a tie for second with Brad Rudolf of Winnemucca, Nev. For second place – knew a little bit about his horse, Stace Smith Pro Rodeo’s Polyester Pants, but he knew he had to hold up his end of the bargain if he wanted to earn a nice check; in the roughstock events, the score on the 100-point scale is based on points from both horse and rider.

Jacobs Crawley
Jacobs Crawley

“It’s important to finish the season feeling good about your riding,” said Crawley, a three-time NFR qualifier. “I went to Omaha and didn’t have much luck, so to come here and have a nice horse and feel good about your riding is big.

“You don’t want to go two months, with not many rodeos to go to, feeling down about your riding. You want to be on top of the hill for two months, then go out to Las Vegas. I’m hoping that tonight will boost that confidence that much more and feel good for two more months.”

Both cowboys have had outstanding seasons. One doesn’t finish the rugged rodeo season among the top in his game without excelling. For a good portion of the season, Corrington was the No. 1 bronc rider in the world.

“This year has really been a dream come true,” Corrington said.

Now he hopes to continue that dream during the NFR, just like Crawley.

“Behind where I was this year around the No. 5 mark (in the standings) has been outstanding,” Crawley said. “I’m just having fun getting on bucking horses.

“I’ve never ridden as well as I have the last three months. Hopefully I can transfer what I had going on in August and July to 10 days in Las Vegas.”

American Royal Rodeo
Sept. 27-28
Kansas City, Mo.
Bareback riding:
1. Winn Ratliff, 85 points on Stace Smith Pro Rodeo’s R.D. Mercer, $1,995; 2. Caleb Bennett, 84, $1,530; 3. (tie) Taylor Price and Tilden Hooper, 83, $931 each; 5. Evan Jayne, 81, $466; 6. Tanner Phipps, 80, $333; 7. (tie) R.C. Landingham and Richie Champion, 79, $233 each.

Steer wrestling leaders: 1. Jacob Burks, 4.0 seconds, $2,425; 2. (tie) Jeff Miller, Bray Armes and Clayton Moore, 4.2, $1,793 each; 5. (tie) Kyle Whitaker and Matt Reeves, 4.3, $1,002 each; 7. Olin Hannum, 4.4, $527; 8. (tie) K.C. Jones, Kody Woodward and Clayton Hass, 4.5, $70 each.

Team roping leaders: 1. Trevor Brazile/Patrick Smith, 4.7 seconds, $2,704; 2. Drew Horner/Buddy Hawkins II, 4.8, $2,351; 3. Ty Blasingame/Chase Tryan, 5.4, $1,999; 4. Turtle Powell/Dugan Kelly, 5.6, $1,646; 5. Wayne Knutson/Chad Mathes, 6.4, $1,294; 6. Tyler Johnson/Dawson McMaster, 7.1, $941; 7. Derrick Begay/Cesar de la Cruz, 9.8, $588; 8. Chad Masters/Jett Hillman, 10.3, $235.

Saddle bronc riding: 1. Tyler Corrington, 84 points on Three Hills Rodeo’s Almost Heaven, $2,109; 2. (tie) Jacobs Crawley and Brad Rudolf, 83, $1,406 each; 4. Sam Spreadborough, 81, $773; 5. Hardy Braden, 80, $492; 6. Doug Aldridge, 79, $352; 7. Jade Blackwell, 78, $281; 8. (tie) Louie Brunson, Cody Martin and Wyatt Barstow, 77, $70 each.

Tie-down roping leaders: 1. (tie) Fred Whitfield and Justin Maass, 8.4 seconds, $1,838 each; 3. (tie) Shane Slack and Paul David Tierney, 8.5, $1,325 each; 5. (tie) Hunter Herrin and Randall Carlisle, 8.6, $812 each; 7. Cody Ohl, 8.7, $428; 8. Shane Hanchey, 9.7, $171.

Barrel racing leaders: 1. Natalie Foutch, 14.57 seconds, $2,021; 2. Sabrina Ketcham, 14.68, $1,732; 3. Jeanne Anderson 14.71, $1,444; 4. Julie Meyer, 14.77, $1,251; 5. (tie) Shada Brazile and Fallon Taylor, 14.78, $866, each; 7. Karissa Gipple, 14.80, $577; 8. Mary Walker, 14.83, $385; 9. (tie) Emily Miller and Kaley Bass, 14.85, $241 each.

Bull riding: 1. Tim Bingham, 88 points on Wild Card Rodeo’s 822, $2,594; 2. (tie) Garrett Smith and Brett Stall, 85, $1,739; 4. Sage Kimzey, 84, $951; 5. Scottie Knapp, 82, $605; 6. (tie) Wade Phelps and Chandler Bownds, 389; 8. (tie) Dusty Green and John Young, 80, $130.


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