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Maybe I’m missing something, but I haven’t seen a report on Leah Garcia leaving the Professional Bull Riders telecasts. In fact, a release issued Dec. 28, 2010, lists Garcia as one of the behind-the-chutes announcers, along with Erin Coscarelli.

I’ve read a considerable amount of feedback from PBR fans who are unhappy with the changes on the VERSUS telecasts of events, and many fans miss Garcia and longtime announcer Justin McKee – see this post. In fact, several fans have made reference to Garcia on that link.

I’ve received word from the PBR that supports the Dec. 28 news release indicating Garcia and Coscarelli are sharing the “sideline reporter” duties. But that doesn’t mean fans are happy about it. From what I gather, it’s just another straw on the camel’s back for many who aren’t happy with the changes in the TV production.

What do you think?


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steve / January 27, 2011

Erin needs to go . Leah is king , or queen …

Rosemary Cessnun / February 12, 2011

The PBR is not the same for me without Leah Garcia. I would like to know what happened to her?

kathy / February 13, 2011

Agreed. My husband refers to her as cold and uninteresting.

Colene / February 14, 2011

I agree Leah should be the only girl reporting behind the chutes. No one knows as much as she does, all others like Erin just doesn’t convince me that she know anything about Bull riding. and what happen to Justin McKee? NOT happy with the changes VS or NBC (heard they bought VS) has made to PBR.

Kris DiLorenzo / January 27, 2011

The only reason Erin was hired is that she worked with some of the new PBR execs in other sports…although her lack of interview and on-camera skills makes me thing that there’s actually another reason she was hired. I hate to say this, because I’m female, and I was ready to give her the benefit of the doubt, but now that I’ve seen her pathetic attempts at being an interviewer, I’m thinking, Whose daughter/girlfriend/niece/sister/wife is she?

Leah was always professional, understands the sport, knows how to respond to riders, and handled a lot of nonsense from the guys in the booth who were joking and talking in her earpiece while she interviewed riders and others.
Being the only woman visible in a male-dominated business is rough (I’ve done it), and she’s a class act. The PBR needs to bring her back!!
Another thought: age discrimination? It happens to women A LOT, especially those in on-camera news positions. The PBR may have thought Leah’s “image” is outdated and they needed a “young, fresh” face. They deserve a huge kick in the pants.

Ted Harbin / January 27, 2011

I must repeat that word from the PBR confirms Leah is still going to be part of the broadcasts with Erin.

In fact, I’ve learned that Leah is still working with the PBR on a rotating schedule, with both her and Erin expected to be part of 15 shows each. I’ve also received word that Leah likes being part of the PBR still and appreciates the opportunity to work part time.

So be patient. You’ll see Leah again.

Greg Doering / January 27, 2011

We miss you Leah! You do a great job!

tracie gimblett / January 30, 2011

May see Leah again but what about other commentators?

Russ / February 2, 2011

Leah likes bull riding and bull riders. Erin seems to not want much to do with them. Whoever is making these changes at the PBR is an idiot. What next? Ride a bull and spin a wheel for a bonus prize?

I can’t wait for the CBR and PRCA events to come back on. They are about bull riding, not busine$$. And the Wrangler NFR finals had ten days of the best bull riding I have EVER seen, even if it’s not a big money production like some.

Sandy Dixon / January 30, 2011

Is this what happens when you do a good job and everyone likes you? You get to continue doing your job on a rotating basis with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing and doesn’t know what questions to ask????? We miss Leah.
I’m willing to cut the new girl some slack cuz everyone has to learn. But this is not the place for on the job training. PBR is going to lose fans over their pig headedness.

tracie gimblett / January 30, 2011

Have to agree with most of the fans – why mess up a good thing!!? Justin McKee was excellent as is Leah – JW and Justin bring great comments and all were great together along with Brian Hummer – the only plus to this year may be the “wired” commentating and Gary Allen’s music! Please don’t mess up the PBR by “hollywood” influences and become like every other sport.

Sheri Balzer / January 31, 2011

Leah did a very proactive thing when she posted on her Facebook page that she would be sharing the broadcast duties with Erin. Instead of just letting her fans wonder what the heck happened to her, she took the intuitive and told the fans ahead of time, that she wouldn’t be on Versus, and her fans appreciated hearing that from her.

As far as Erin goes, she has alot to learn. She looks like she just got out of the back of a pickup truck, windblown and messy. Guess she gets on the job training as she is really not very professional and add little to the broadcast.

sue / February 2, 2011

Losing Justin McKee is a big mistake. He’s the one who teaches me about bullriding and the bulls. Now who’s going to do that??

Ken Hines / February 2, 2011

The whole operation stinks at this point and myself and a lot of other people who have been fans for decades are thinking it’s a waste of time to watch. Soon it can be called the BRA (Brazil Riders Ass’n).

Russ / February 2, 2011

Watching Erin talk to the bull riders is frustrating. She asks a question or two, looks at them like they’re from another planet, gives them a sick-sweet smile and turns away from them. Frankly I do not think she likes bull riders or even cares much for bull riding. Leah Garcia DOES like the riders and the sport.

And I would trade that bozo narrator who does the opening comments on the PBR broadcasts on VS for Justin McKee any day. I want Leah back, I want Justin back, where the heck have JW and Justin McBride gone? What is with the PBR? Next they will drop the prayer at the start of the proceedings rather than offend any atheists watching this $port.

BJ Yeager / February 2, 2011

could it be Tuff Hedeman saw all this coming?? It seems more like big business and bottom line then what the viewers enjoy and want to see/hear.

Steve H / February 5, 2011

It was obvious to my wife and me that something was really wrong starting with the first broadcast this year. Taking Justin McKee out of the broadcast booth-very poor decision! Justin knows what he’s talking about and how to make it clear for all of us. Erin instead of Leah, everyone walking around with ROCKSTAR, along with some of the other ‘new features’ of this season, makes it clear that big bu$ine$$ has taken over instead of good broadcasting. I pretty disgusted!

Tammie / February 6, 2011

The guys being handed the Rockstar after their ride is about the cheesiest thing I have ever seen. They are bull riders, not pitchmen! Let them do their job…riding bulls.

Linka / February 12, 2011

Keep the comments coming and maybe we’ll get Leah and McKee back. If it were not for J.B. and Chris Shivers, I wou’ld not watch it as much as I do now and have done for years. I miss the rider and bull names appearing as they come out of the chute. I don’t even rush to get back to my seat in from of the TV after a commercial, because there are no Leah, Justin and J.W. to miss. I do hope Hummer stays.

Dolores Warner / February 13, 2011

Bull-riding is not the same with the absence of Justin McKee & Leah Garcia. I really don’t care for the changes at all – I think you are going to lose a lot of fans. I can’t imagine what Justin McKee did to get dropped – doesn’t seem like good changes to me. And it seems whoever is in charge is trying to make the Bull-riding sexier – don’t care for it!!!!!!!! Don’t care for the new girls on the show.

Rosie Flores / February 13, 2011

My husband and I started watching PBR again 3 years ago, but I have to say that the changes in the broadcast booth are making rethink that decision. We don’t watch much TV but we are fans of most sports PBR included; but I don’t think that I can take another episode of Erin. Leah is class all the way. She is always professional and you could see that she is well respected by all of the riders. If the PBR producers want to continue to use Erin…the sport just lost all it’s luster to me. Unfortunately, I have already purchased my tickets for the Dickies Iron Cowboy in Dallas next weekend. The only good thing is that we will be watching it live and won’t have to be bored to death with commentary from Erin.

Kathy Dixon / February 13, 2011

We were missing Justin & Leah. Our group of PBR fans agree that we just found out that Justin was fired & Leah is going to be part time. We are creatures of habit and have grown to love the PBR and the ones we related to on the comentary. As we have all grown in learning and loving the Sport we don’t like change. I don’t think it is very classy of people to be mean and rude about Erin. I don’t know anything about her but put yourselves in her shoes. How would you feel if you were put in her position ( grow up and don’t destroy someones feelings that is maybe doing the best they know how to be.) I do want Leah back full time but she has alot of other projects than PBR.

Peggy Seidel / February 13, 2011

I miss Leah and her expertise and interaction with the PBR riders. She has not been “sharing” duties the past three weeks. What does sharing mean?

Peggy Seidel / February 13, 2011

I miss Leah. Her interaction with the PBR riders is obvious when she interviews them.

Larry Benson / February 13, 2011

We started watching PBR in 2004 and even switched from Dish to Comcast to keep Versu when there was DISH dropped them for awhile. Craig has NEVER cut it, but Justin McKee kept it tolerable. Mac and JW are fine color guys, but McKee KNOWS BULLS! Which is half the sport. I can not add anything to the great comments already made about Leah, except TOTALLY AGREE! PBR/VERSUS/NBC you had better get your act together or you will no longer be the largest growing sport! I also agree about the Rock Star comments, it is ok to advertise, but give me a break. They sometimes try to get the Rider to shill their product when they are hurt. Glad I found a place to vent, but hope this makes it to the right people.

Marjorie / February 14, 2011

We need Leah back!!!! She has good relationships with the riders and isn’t afraid of saying the wrong thing!!!

Jim / February 17, 2011

Leah Garcia was/is a “Natural” at the job of interviewing the Bull Riders.
Moving her off to the sidelines is just one more straw-on-the-camel’s-back.
Personally, I’d love to see both Leah and Don Gay back at work in PBR.
While I’m airing gripes, I’d also like to say that the draft system literally “sucks”.
If any thing, the order of choice picks should be reversed, that is, of the top ten riders in a Long Round, the lowest scoring rider should be awarded First Pick in order to give everybody a fighting chance. As things stand, the riders getting an early edge get to pick bulls they know they can ride. I don’t like this one bit.
A random draw would be more fair than the present system.
One more change I’d like to see would be the name of each Judge visible to the left of the score, rather than just Judges 1 through 4.

Ronda / February 7, 2020

I use to love the PBR. now it’s like Americans can win so lets change it and give as many points to Americans as we can and keep putting everyone else on the timer. You are right, most of you, Murray has to go.. Know it all has been. I don’t think I have ever seen him smile.. They will keep changing things until Americans win at all costs. Very sad

jIM bLACKWELL / February 14, 2011

We need Leah Garcia back on the PBR tv broadcast.
She is an asset to the PBR.

Sheila / February 15, 2011

I have been attending championships for years and go to Vegas every year. Changed my tv service to Dish when Direct quit carrying the PBR. After all of the changes that they have implemented this year, I am questioning whether I want to continue spending my money on this sport. It has become too commercial and now it is becoming more “Brazilian” than “American.” I have nothing against other nationalities competing, but there needs to be a limit set to this or it will become non-amercian. All of the people that made the sport interesting have left for whatever reasons. Apparently, they have lost sponsors also. Nothing is the same anymore. It worked for years. Sometimes change is not good. It took a long time for PBR to become popular and well attended, but things could be changing for the worse.

cindy / February 19, 2011

I totally agree with everyones view on Justin, Leah, Erin, the Rockstar sponsor and the lack of the basics. How about going back to what we started out loving. BULLRIDING!
By the way where is Joe Baumgartner?
Why does everthing have to be so commercial when you have such a strong fan base?
Money, Money Money!
Let’s tear the heart out of something we loved and the people who made us love it.

Cindy / February 20, 2011

Sad sad sad…
I started watching bull riding 10 yrs ago when my son was born. It was during the finals in November, and I discovered it during one very late night baby-feeding. I was instantly hooked. I’ve watched faithfully since then. My children have watched with me their entire lives, as well.
But now? I really don’t even want to watch it anymore. It’s not the sport I fell in love with. Too much has changed, and not for the better. We really, really miss Leah the most.
Plus, I sat down tonight to watch the Iron Cowboy and the ladies who sang the National Anthem were wearing Dallas Cowboy cheerleader outfits? My younger son, who is 4, covered his eyes and called them “nasty girls”. Please to be putting some clothing on your women next time.
And please bring Leah back full time!

Lori Ann Galtere / February 21, 2011

My husband and I have been watching bull riding for 5 years now, this year has been the most difficult to watch. We agree with all of the comments posted regarding the lack of rider/bull graphic when the gate opens to the annoying siren and rotating light to the incessant shoving into the face of the can of rock star upon a ride. When Randy Bernard left the PBR I was concerned as to what was really behind his departure and it is clear that it is not about honoring the cowboy way of life – honor, integrity, the love of GOD and country. What is next, are they going to tell Austin, Kody and Wiley (when he returns) to stop giving thanks to GOD after each out? Will they get fined for pointing to heaven or mentioning the Lord when interviewed? Speaking of which, we both agree that Leah provided the best interviewing of the cowboys, and wonder like a lot of the folks posting here, whose daughter, wife, girlfriend she is to have been given Leah’s job!
It seems clear that the new PBR management is all about pure profit and in such is making sport of a profession at the cost of the integrity and American pride that made this profession a sport.

Sue R / February 21, 2011

Erin has to go. She knows not what she does. She is a terrible interviewer. It’s just not the same with Leah being gone. What is VS thinking? What did they see in this gal that no one else can see??????? We need a petition started to get Leah back and Justin back in the booth. Ratings will start to sink because they have these dudes that know nothing about commentating.

Steve Owen / February 26, 2011

Ditto to all the above. At least Leah is on tonight. My 5 night tickets to the finals are for sale.

toby and rohnny / February 27, 2011

Before they hand the rockstar can to the riders, ya think they would make sure it was OPEN???? How completely phoney and obnoxious. What has happened to bull riding? Less Leah, no Justin and cowboy cheerleaders… Better fix these things before the fan base moves on.

Sandie Jaggars / February 27, 2011

Leah knows what she’s talking about. She’s informed about the bulls and the riders. She likes what she’s doing, and it shows in the confidence she has as she does her interviews. Erin is clearly not in her element. Keep Leah!!!! And get rid of the woman announcer who does the promos. I just want to scream when she comes on!

Wanda S. / February 27, 2011

I agree with just about all the poster’s here. Erin STINKS. She is a cold fish and I hit the mute button every time she opens her mouth. She is un-interesting and has no chemistry with the riders. She doen’t seem to enjoy anything about the job. Leah is engaging, smart and a real kick in the pants to watch. I sure hope this Erin person is not a permenant fixture.

John S / March 20, 2011

I agree with everyone on Leah, Justin and the commercialization of the sport. I know money is important for prizes but to much is not good. We are thinking seriously about giving up on the PBR. Sixteen (max) seconds of rides and six minutes of commercials.

Marilynne dedmon / January 21, 2018

I agree Leah needs to be full time. Who is Justin mc Lee? Not confusing with Justin mc bride? Need to dump that whining, boring ty Murray. Absolutely no personality. And such a know it all. Never had anything positive to say. No sense of humor.g

Ted Harbin / January 22, 2018


This post was made in 2011, so I’m assuming you’ve been a PBR fan since then. Justin McKee was the play-by-play commentator for a number of years. Obviously, by now, this is old news, and the PBR has done what it’s done. I haven’t watched a PBR telecast in years. Enjoy the show.


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