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I don’t watch much realty television. In fact, I’d never watched “The Amazing Race” before the Feb. 14, 2010, episode, the first for Season 16 of the CBS-TV reality series.

That was the first time Jet and Cord McCoy appeared on the nationally televised program. They’ve been friends for the past decade; not only are they wonderfully talented cowboys, but also they’re great men who come from an outstanding family.

I’ve enjoyed watching them compete two straight springs as they faced challenges in the race around the world for the $1 million first-place prize. I’ve also been flustered at circumstances and disappointed when they didn’t win – they were eliminated from Season 18 after running the ninth leg on Easter Sunday, less than a year after finished second in the 12-week series the first time they competed in it.

My disappointment Sunday night wasn’t any different than the feelings I have when Cord is bucked off at a Professional Bull Riders event. It was just compounded by two months of commitment instead of eight-second increments.

Globetrotters “Flight Time” and “Big Easy” aren’t the bad guys in the McCoys’ elimination from the show; they knew a wrong turn on their part might lead to their own elimination, so they needed as much of an advantage as they could get.

But even in defeat, the cowboys handled each step of the race with integrity. They ran the race all of us would be proud to run, and they carried the banner of Team McCoy proudly throughout. They’re one of the most popular teams ever to take part in “The Amazing Race,” and their work ethic, values and fortitude are just some of the reasons why.

I’m very proud of Jet and Cord McCoy; millions of other people are, too.


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Toni / April 25, 2011

you are right!! I have been a fan of The Amazing Race since it’s first season and the McCoy brothers were truly a class act. I got to meet Cord in Oklahoma this past year and he exceeded expectations. They are a unique duo, it’s the first time ever I’ve been in tears from frustration because my team did not do as I hoped. As far as I can remember it’s the first time a team fought the entire show on their own without help from others.

Best of luck to Jet & Cord and their families in all they do

Cindy Meyers / April 26, 2011

I had the pleasure of meeting Cord several years ago and as a rodeo reporter have reported on him many times. I must agree the brothers made everyone in the rodeo industry proud of the way they run the race. I just wished that this would have been a non-elimination round. The show will not be as much fun to watch with the teams that are left. Oh well, I will watch the McCoys at the rodeo!


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