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PECOS, Texas – The West of the Pecos Rodeo wasn’t the first event saddle bronc rider Jace Garrett has won in his three-year ProRodeo career.

It wasn’t even his first victory of the 2010 season; the Alliance, Neb., cowboy had a couple of key victories under his belt before he arrived in west Texas last June, but his win in Pecos might’ve been one of the most important rides of the season for Garrett, who finished 20th in the world standings.

Jace Garrett
Jace Garrett

“It was a real confidence-booster for sure,” said Garrett, who won the National High School Finals Rodeo championship in 2005. “Pecos has been a pretty good rodeo, and I’d done well there before, but last year was definitely a confidence-booster for me and the way my season went.

“It was the first PRCA buckle I’ve won, so that was pretty cool.”

Garrett rode the Carr Pro Rodeo bronc True Lies for 88 points to win the 2010 title, and he will try to defend his title during one of the four performances of this year’s rodeo, set for 8 p.m. Wednesday, June 22-Saturday, June 25.

“That’s a sweet horse,” Garrett said of True Lies, which was selected by the top bronc riders to buck at the 2010 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. “He’s a little bay horse that just bucks. He’s really nice and fun, real electric feeling. Everybody that gets on him loves him.”

That’s saying something for the 9-year-old gelding, which was purchased 17 months ago by Pete Carr, the owner of the Dallas-based livestock firm. Now that True Lies is getting settled in at the Carr’s ranch in Athens, Texas, everyone in rodeo is expecting something special out of that horse and the many other great broncs wearing the Rafter C brand.

“I bought that horse last January, and I’ve been pretty impressed with what I’ve seen,” Carr said.

So have the contestants who travel the country testing their skills against the greatest horses in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. There are many reasons they flock to rodeos where Carr Pro Rodeo animals are bucking.

“I’ll take any of them, I promise,” said Cort Scheer, the sixth-ranked bronc rider this season who just completed his first venture to the NFR in Las Vegas. “If you draw any of them horses, you’ve got a chance to win. Look at the pedigree behind them, the money that’s won on all of them.

“Typically you go to places, and there will one or two horses you can win on, but that’s not the case at any of Pete Carr’s rodeos. It comes down to who makes the best spur ride is going to win. That’s what you want every time.”

The bronc riders are expecting great things, but that’s what they’ve come to expect for the Texas-based livestock provider.

“You can go down the list of any horse Pete has, and you’re going to look at the kinds of horses you want to get on every time,” said Taos Muncy, the 2007 world champion who is fifth in the world standings this season. “You look forward to going to his rodeos, because he will have NFR horses in every performance.”

That thought process seems to be a developing theme among the greatest cowboys in the game.

“I really like going to Pete’s rodeos,” Garrett said. “I usually get on something good, which is what you want at every rodeo you go to.”


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