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I fought an uphill battle all the Fourth run. I had to turn out a couple good ones due to a groin injury, but I’m feelin’ good again now!

It was a hectic week where the good ones were a little off, and JMac (Justin McDaniel) and I drew some colts that we couldn’t even get out of the chute on.

Got up in a plane that circled the mountain between Red Lodge, Mont., and Livingston, Mont. After running into storm clouds, we had to turn back. It was a $700 plane ride that didn’t go anywhere. Hahaha!

All in all it was a rough week with not much in the way of profits. Justin made the short round at Greeley and had some success, and I placed at Oakley & Red Lodge. Best thing about rodeo is I’ve got another one tonight.

Y’all be blessed, and I’ll talk to ya soon.


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