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It was 11:15 p.m., dark and raining as I made my way to TeePee Creek, Alberta. I was on the sixth hour of my drive and less than 20 miles from my destination.

I was on the phone with the head committeeman for the rodeo there when I came across four teens in a car that was going all over the place. In fact, I had to slow down as they erratically darted in front of me. Less than a minute later, they went into the ditch at probably 65 mph, seemingly maintaining their speed.

As they came back onto the highway just a few car lengths in front of me, they were nearly sideways. They rolled one and a half times, and on the second roll, the vehicle spun on its top. It came to rest upside down in the opposite lane of the highway. I told the committeeman what I’d just witness and had him send an ambulance immediately.

Thank the Lord no immediate traffic was on the road. The vehicles contents were scattered everywhere, including the female passenger. The driver was more interested in trying to convince me he wasn’t driving and that I needed to be on his side and tell that to law enforcement.

Ignoring him, I conducted a brief search before finding the female passenger in the ditch. She was pretty messed up, suffering extensive neck, collar bone, rib, abdominal pain and having a scalp all torn up. I grabbed a sleeping bag that was laying in the debris and one of my rain coats to keep her warm and from getting any wetter.

She lay in the ditch with a passerby that was a fireman, as well as a Canadian Mountie, stabilizing her head. I heard she had surgery the next day, but I don’t know the extent of her injuries.

And, yes, the kid that was driving was arrested for his role in the wreck. I heard he and his friends spent the night in jail.

Please, people, don’t drink and drive. I don’t care to experience that again.


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