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EAGLE, Colo. – The ultimate goal for Louie Brunson is the world champion’s gold buckle; that’s the goal of every contestant going down the ProRodeo trail.

For the time being, the will settle for rodeo victories and a shot at qualifying for ProRodeo’s championship event, the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. His latest triumph came July 27-30 when he rode the Carr Pro Rodeo horse Trail Dust for 85 points to win the 2011 edition of the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo. It’s a giant leap for the 25-year-old bronc buster from Interior, S.D.

“It’s a really good rodeo you want to win,” said Brunson, who finished the 2010 season 33rd on the money list and out of the ranks of qualifying for the NFR.

A big reason for the victory is the high quality of bucking beasts provided by Pete Carr, owner of the Dallas-based livestock company. It marked the second time this season and third in a year that Brunson has won the title at a rodeo in which Carr Pro Rodeo was the primary livestock producer – Brunson won the Lea County Fair & Rodeo in Lovington, N.M., last August and won Pioneer Days Rodeo in Guymon, Okla., this past May.

“Pete’s got an even pen of bucking horses, which means that no matter what horse you draw, you have a chance to win,” said Brunson, who earned $2,804. “That’s real important. It keeps it fair. At some rodeos you go to, there’ll be that one top horse, and if you get him drawn, then you’ve got first place. With Pete’s, you can win on anything, because everything’s good.”

Brunson was one of nine contestants who were crowned winners in eagle. He was joined by all-around champion Jesse Jolly, who earned $855 in steer wrestling and team roping; steer wrestler Tony Larsen, who won both go-rounds and the average and pocketed $2,052; team ropers Tyler Schnaufer and T.J. Watts, whose 14.2-second time on two runs and high finishes in both go-rounds earned each team member $1,223; tie-down roper Gary Haynes, whose two runs totaled 23.1 seconds and were worth $1,297; barrel racer Sherrylynn Johnson, who rounded the cloverleaf pattern in 17.48 seconds to win $1,395; bull rider Guytin Tsosie, who posted a 91-point score on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Synergy, worth $3,278; and bareback rider Kelly Timberman, who danced across the arena with Carr’s Riverboat Annie for 88 points to pocket $2,822.

Timberman, the 2004 world champion, matched moves with the big red roan mare, which finished No. 2 in the 2007 voting for top bareback horse of the year in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Riverboat Annie’s sister, Pink Cadillac, helped Will Lowe to the title in Eagle a season ago.

No matter their legacy, cowboys know cowboys with Carr’s Rafter C brand give them a shot at winning any rodeo in which they might be matched together.

“He’s got some of the best horses out there,” Brunson said of Carr. “He tries hard to get the best stock, tries to make it as good a deal for the cowboys as possible.”

Eagle County Fair and Rodeo
July 27-30
All-around cowboy:
Jesse Jolly, $855, steer wrestling and team roping.
Bareback riding: 1. Kelly Timberman, 88 points on Carr Pro Rodeos’ River Boat Annie, $2,822; 2. Will Lowe, 87 on Carr’s Deuces Night, $2,163; 3. (tie) Casey Colletti and Tanner Aus, 86, both riding Carr’s Grass Dancer $1,317 each; 5. (tie) J.R. Vezain on Carr’s Alberta Child, Wes Stevenson on Carr’s Dirty Jacket and Caine Riddle on Carr’s Big Lights, 85, $502 each; 8. (tie) Luke Creasy on Carr’s Hylo Hills and Jared Keylon on Carr’s Hometown Girl, 84, $141 each.
Steer wrestling: First round: 1. Tony Larsen, 5.0 seconds, $684; 2. Talon Sterkel, 6.8, $513; 3. Jesse Jolly, 7.9, $342; 4. Sterling Wallace, 9.1, $171. Second round: 1. Tony Larsen, 5.5 seconds, $684; 2. Jacob Sterkel, 7.7, $513; 3. Talon Sterkel, 8.9, $342; 4. Jesse Jolly, 10.1, $171. Average: 1. Tony Larsen, 10.5 seconds on two head, $684; 2. Talon Sterkel, 15.7, $513; 3. Jesse Jolly, 18.0, $342; 4. Russell Smith, 23.6, $171.
Team roping: First round:
1. Jay Tittel/Wade Masters, 6.0 seconds, $575 each; 2. Travis Bounds/Hank Bounds, 6.3, $432; 3. Jake Wager/Darnell Johnson, 6.7, $288; 4. (tie) Garrett Jay Busby/Latigo Peterson and Tyler Schnaufer/T.J. Watts, 6.9, $72 each. Second round: 1. Chad Braun/Jason Furnival, 6.3 seconds, $575 each; 2. Pat Grieve/Jesse Echtler, 7.1, $432; 3. Tyler Schnaufer/T.J. Watts, 7.3, $288; 4. Clay Norell/Pake Younger, 12.6, $144. Average: 1. Tyler Schnaufer/T.J. Watts, 14.2 seconds on two head, $863 each; 2. Jay Tittel/Wade Masters, 19.1, $647; 3. Jake Wager/Darnell Johnson, 19.9, $432; 4. Clay Norell/Pake Younger, 20.8, $216.
Saddle bronc riding:
1. Louie Brunson, 85 points on Carr Pro Rodeos’ Trail Dust, $2,804; 2. (tie) Jesse James Kirby on Carr’s Take The Plunge, Cody Martin on Carr’s Sweet Emotion and Taos Muncy on Carr’s Miss Congeniality, 84, $1,589 each; 5. (tie) Samuel Kelts on Carr’s Empty Pockets and Jacobs Crawley on Carr’s Coffee Bean, 83, $561 each; 7. (tie) Jesse Wright on Carr’s Miss Congeniality, Cody DeMoss on Carr’s Miss Molly, Bradley Harter on Carr’s Air Miles and Sterling Crawley on Carr’s Deuces Wild, 82, $164 each.
Tie-down roping: First round:
1. Jarrod Branch, 9.9 seconds, $741; 2. Gary Haynes, 10.1, $556; 3. Cody Gerrard, 10.7, $371; 4. Mike Johnson, 10.9, $185. Second round: 1. Brice Ingo, 8.5 seconds, $741; 2. Wes Borders, 8.7, $556; 3. K.C. Jones, 10.6, $371; 4. Cory Zion, 12.5, $185. Average: 1. Gary Haynes, 23.1 seconds on two head, $741; 2. Cory Zion, 24.3, $556; 3. Cole Dorenkamp, 25.4, $371; 4. Warren Adams, 26.7, $185. Barrel racing: 1. Sherrylynn Johnson, 17.48 seconds, $1,395; 2. Lexi Bath, 17.65, $1,195; 3. Christy Loflin, 17.71, $996; 4. Wendy McKee, 17.72, $863; 5. Falena Dale, 17.80, $664; 6. Megan Zion, 17.82, $531; 7. Ann Peterson, 17.83, $398; 8. Mandy Teichert, 17.87, $266; 9. Dawn Lazor, 17.90, $199; 10. Taylor Miniat, 17.91, $133.
Bull riding:
1. Guytin Tsosie, 91 points on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Synergy, $3,278; 2. Cody Samora, 88 on Carr’s Room Service, $2,513; 3. Logan Knibbe, 87 on Carr’s Rock Star, $1,857; 4. (tie) Clint Craig on JK Rodeo’s Jiggelo and Allen Helmuth on Carr’s Charlie’s Bandito, 86, $983 each; 6. Chandler Bownds, 85 on Carr’s Moochy, $546; 7. Shawn Hogg, 84 on Carr’s Ryan’s Express, $437; 8. Patrick Geipel, 83 on JK Rodeo’s Mahoney, $328.
Total payoff:
$62,536. Stock contractor: Carr Pro Rodeos. Rodeo secretary: Jane Ford. Officials: Jeff Dorenkamp and Lynn Smith. Timers: Vivian Christensen and Tammy Judson. Announcer: Les Ohlhauser. Specialty act: Troy Lerwill. Bullfighters: Scotty Spencer and Chris Kirby. Clown/barrelman: Troy Lerwill. Flankman: Pete Carr. Chute boss: Committee-Brad Higgins and Randy Slaughter. Pickup men: Paul Peterson and Matthew Scott. Photographer: Greg Westfall.


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