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The small community of Silverton, Texas, hosts the annual Buck Wild Days Rodeo, which begins tonight at Wood Memorial Arena.

I spent three days in Amarillo promoting this event, just as I have done for the last several weeks preparing for the festivities. TV and radio appearances are an important part of marketing events, and I had the Silverton rodeo on four television news segments and three radio interviews in three days.

I arrived in Silverton yesterday afternoon, and I’m starting to realize why the organizers are so proud of Buck Wild Days Rodeo. The small committee has worked very hard in recent weeks to prepare this community of about 600 residents with an outstanding event. Now just a few hours from the first of three performances, volunteers are still busting their humps to prepare the arena for what we all hope is a throng of fans coming to town for the rodeo.

This town has seen the devastation from the drought that has ravaged so much of this region. Golden grass crackles underfoot as you walk across it; what grass looks to be alive is just a slight shade of green from what has to be absurd amounts of water on it. There are cracks in the ground that look to be several feet deep.

If any community could use a few days just to let loose and have a great time, it’s Silverton, about an hour and a half southeast of Amarillo in the Texas Panhandle. That’s what organizers want; that’s what these people deserve.

It’s time to get Buck Wild.


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Danya / August 18, 2011

And what an awesome game of softball.

Ted Harbin / August 18, 2011

Yes, a very fun game of dodging cow patties, horse turds and beer can. We even got to see “Slide” Peterson get competative.


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