Atchison wants to test his skills against the best

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How much does Ty Atchison love being a true all-around hand in rodeo?

Atchison mentioned to me Friday that he would love to be invited to be part of the 20-man field for the 2013 Timed Event Championship at the Lazy E Arena. Do you realize how tough of a field that is?

First off, you must be better than most with a rope and must be able to wrestle steers pretty well, too. It’s a rugged test of timed-eventers. Trevor Brazile has won the title a record six times, but guys who have excelled in roping and bulldogging – the K.C. Jones from Wyoming (as opposed to the K.C. Jones from Colorado), Paul Tierney and Jimmie Cooper.

Atchison might just have the talent to compete with the greatest timed-event cowboys this coming March, but he wants to give himself a full year to get better mounted. That’s pretty smart, because any good cowboy knows it’s going to take a great horse in each discipline in order to be successful.

Still, being able to ride a great horse, whether it’s for heading, heeling, bulldogging or bronc riding, is what counts in Pro Rodeo.

“When I was in college, I realized the more events we enter, the more chances we have to win, but you’ve got to get the job done,” Atchison said. “To me, an all-around cowboy – and I’m not taking anything away from Trevor – that they would have to be good a timed events and roughstock. It would be neat to see some guys where you have to work both ends of the arena well. That’s what I love.”


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