Fast, fast, fast; Herren wins again

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Rocky Patterson was the second cowboy to run in the seventh go-round, and he posted a 10.8. That held the lead through seven runs until Patterson’s traveling partner, Cody Scheck, posted a 9.6-second run. Their other traveling partner, Chet Herren, followed with a 9.5.

That’s how they finished in the go-round. Collectively, they won $12,231 in the round.

Seventh Round: 1. Chet Herren, Pawhuska, Okla., 9.5 seconds, $5,077; 2. Cody Scheck, Kiowa, Kan., 9.6, $4,077; 3. Rcky Patterson, Pratt, Kan., 10.8, $3,077; 4. (tie) Bryce Davis, Abilene, Texas, 11.4, $1,577; 5. Kim Ziegelgruber, Edmond, Okla., 11.4, $1,577


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