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Riley Duvall
Riley Duvall

Steer wrestler Riley Duvall comes from a long line of great bulldoggers and hazers. His great uncle, Roy Duvall, is a three-time world champion who owns the most NFR qualifications in the discipline. His dad is Sam, his uncle is Spud and his cousin is Tom, and all three have played their game at the NFR.

Sam, Spud and Grandpa Bill Duvall also have been known as tremendous horsemen and hazers, and Riley is following suit. At this year’s NFR, Riley Duvall is serving as hazer for three cowboys: Bray Armes, Hunter Cure and Matt Reeves.

On Wednesday night, Reeves won the round, and Armes placed second. They then paid Duvall $4,169 for his percentage of their winnings.

Through seven nights in Las Vegas, Duvall has added nearly $15,000 to his bank account. All three of his bulldoggers say Duvall is a major piece of their success, and in watching him work Wednesday, you can see why he’s here. He’s at the top of his game.


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