Werries wins the Guymon PBR title; Wing doubles up at own event

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GUYMON, Okla. – Stormy Wing doubled his chances at his own event this past Saturday night, but Matt Werries walked away with the top prize.

Matt Werries
Matt Werries

Wing entered the competition multiple times to give him as many opportunities to cash in as possible, and it paid off with second- and fifth-place finishes at the Kasey Hayes & Stormy Wing Invitational PBR Touring Pro event.

In all, Wing, of Dalhart, Texas, pocketed $3,252 to help his season progress. Werries, 33, of Jacksonville, Ill., won the event as the only cowboy in the field to ride two bulls. The Illinois cowboy cashed in for $4,854 inside Henry C. Hitch Arena.

Stormy Wing
Stormy Wing

Wing’s double entry earned him two shots at the money. He won the opening round with an event-best 89-piont ride, earning $676. He also posted an 83 in the first round to finish fifth, just out of the round money.

While the opening round paid just the top four spots, Wing did considerably better in the aggregate; he earned $2,037 for placing second overall and $539 for his fifth-place finish.

An estimated crowd of 3,500 fans crowded into Hitch Arena for the event, which not only featured Wing and Hayes but also some of the other top cowboys in the PBR. The field included a number of the top bull riders in the association, including world champion Mike Lee of Decatur, Texas, and Brazilians Kaique Pacheco, Joao Ricardo Vieira, Valdiron de Oliveira and Robson Polermo.

Kasey Hayes & Stormy Wing Invitational
PBR Touring Pro
July 23, 2016
Guymon, Okla.

First round: 1. Stormy Wing, 89 points, $676; 2. Brady Sims, 87, $507; 3. Matt Werries, 85, $338; 4. Douglas Duncan, 84, $169. Final round: 1. Matt Werries, 87.5 points, $1,690. Average: 1. Matt Werries, 172.5 points, $2,826; 2. Stormy Wing, 89, $2,037; 3. Brady Sims, 87, $1,249; 4. Douglas Duncan, 84, $854; 5. Stormy Wing, 83, $539; 6. Venn Johns, 71, $381.


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