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TEXARKANA, Ark. – The Four States Fair and Rodeo is a vital stop in ProRodeo each season.

Part of it is the timing of the event; by being in mid-September, the dates fall on one of the final weeks of the regular season. That means dollars earned in Texarkana could pave the way for contestants vying for qualifications to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the sport’s grand finale that takes place each December in Las Vegas.

Four-States-Fair-LOGOThat’s why hundreds of contestants are preparing to compete this week during the rodeo, set for 7:30 p.m. Wednesday-Saturday at the Four States Fair Entertainment Center.

But there’s more incentive in 2016. Wednesday’s performance will feature the inaugural run of the Xtreme Bulls Tour in Texarkana. It will be a battle of the best bull riders in the sport vs. some outstanding animal athletic power. It’s a stand-alone event, and the final three nights of the rodeo will feature all of the traditional disciplines.

Local organizers have also increased the total purse, another amazing incentive for the contestants that make their living on the rodeo trail. Throw in the animals and production from Pete Carr Pro Rodeo, and there are many reasons the top players in the game make their way to this twin city.

“I think Pete Carr has a fabulous rodeo company, and everybody on his staff puts on a wonderful rodeo,” said Lisa Barr, vice president of the fair and rodeo. “It’s professional, and the crew just works great with us.

“When they get to town, they take the pressure off us. You don’t have to worry about things or if everything’s in place. They take care of it all and produce an outstanding rodeo.”

That’s just one aspect of the Carr brand. The crew of professionals put a priority on top production for fans while having the type of animal athletes that are attractive to rodeo cowboys. That helps make the Four States Fair and Rodeo a vital stop for the top contestants in the game.

Over the last few years, Carr has received five nominations for stock contractor of the year in the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association. Since 2013, no other livestock producer has had more animals selected to the NFR than Carr.

With animals selected based on votes of the cowboys that ride them, it’s a strong indicator of the talent the Carr herd possesses. Another would be the list of NFR qualifiers and world champions who have put their hat in the ring to compete in Texarkana. More than 50 NFR qualifiers – including several world titlists – will be part of the mix over a solid four days of competition.

“Pete brings outstanding rodeo livestock to our rodeo year after year,” Barr said. “A lot of people don’t understand that the animals are as much of our rodeo as the cowboys and cowgirls.”

Those people will see it first hand in just a few days.


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