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ESTES PARK, Colo. – There’s a reason that our heroes have always been cowboys, and Steven Dent epitomized that Monday night during the first performance of the Rooftop Rodeo in Estes Park.

Steven Dent
Steven Dent

Dent was one of two cowboys to post 83-point rides in bareback riding, so after the last horse bucked in that discipline, he and Kody Lamb made their victory lap around Granny May Arena. As tradition continues, the two stopped near the middle of the grandstands to receive their cash for having the best score in the performance.

It was to be $100 for each cowboy that made a winning ride or run. When Dent opened his envelope, he noticed there were two bills in his packet, so he walked up to a committee representative, explained the situation and handed $100 back to the committee.

I wasn’t surprised in the least bit, because I’ve always known the Nebraska cowboy to have a great moral fiber. But there are many in his position that would consider just taking the extra bill, enjoying a nice steak dinner and consider it a nice bonus.

“I appreciate you guys for doing this for us,” Dent told the committee volunteer. “I knew it wasn’t meant for me, so I wanted to give it back.”

It was the right thing to do, and Steven Dent did it. Let’s hope that trend continues.


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