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“I have been working with Ted Harbin directly or indirectly over the past several years. What I’ve grown to love about Ted is his passion for the sport of rodeo and his drive to help spread an accurate description of what it’s like to watch a rodeo or compete in a rodeo. Ted’s passion and understanding of the entire sport of rodeo is unmatched against anyone else in his field. He has the most comprehensive articles and communicates well with the people inside and outside rodeo. Not only has Ted developed the entire sport of rodeo over the years, he has brought rodeo into thousands of people’s lives and given them an up-close and in-depth view of the sport. The beneficiaries of his articles now have a better understanding of the sport and, ultimately, he has converted them into fans with his continuing education. Personally, he has become a good friend, co-worker and part of our team. He has single-handedly created more interest in our company, which has taken our rodeos, and him also working with our committees, to a whole new level that is unprecedented in the rodeo industry.”

Pete Carr

“I’ve known Ted for the last 10 years and have worked with and hired him at numerous top PBR and PRCA events. I could not be more pleased with the quality, professionalism and dedication that Ted puts forth on every project. From start to finish, Ted knows the sport, the contestants, the lifestyle. No other publicist out there has a better understanding of how to publicize and carry the message of an event than Ted.”

Robert Simpson

“Ted came in this season and made my sportswriters’ jobs much less stressful. He also provided press releases we were able to use as well as helped our writers with story ideas. I highly recommend Ted for any media relations event and hope he comes back to the Lovington rodeo for many years to come.”

Clayton Jones

“I have had the pleasure of working with Ted while he performed various roles, and in each, Ted has always been professional and effective, and there isn’t anyone who can write about or represent rodeo better. Not only is he gifted as a communicator, he understands our sport and the people that participate in it, and he can translate that to the general public in exciting and accessible ways.”

Ken Stonecipher

“Experienced reporting, better yet, writing in the matter that Ted Harbin writes is a treat and has been for the last 20-some years. Having the contacts within the industry that he does allows added depth and detail in his work. His experience serves him well by being able to speak and fully understand all aspects of the industry. From coast to coast, dozens of articles have been written about my career. His compositions stand out as the most accurate, in-depth and complete I have ever seen. Ted’s obvious passion is demonstrated every time he graces a keyboard. It is a treat whenever I am able to read anything Ted has penned. In my opinion, anyone would be fortunate to enjoy his work as much as Ted does. One more thing: In today’s world, it’s unlikely to find someone whose word you can trust completely. That’s what you get when you work with Ted. Bottom line: What Ted says he will do, you can take it to the bank.”

Jerry Norton

“We have found Ted’s services to be invaluable at promoting and reporting our rodeo. The written word is still a very valuable asset in today’s world. Some of it goes to print and also is pushed to electronic media. Ted’s knowledge of the rodeo industry and his access to the contestants makes his work all the more effective. He has done feature articles on our contract personnel, and publishing these before our rodeo really helps get the word out. Since having Ted on our team, we know that all aspects of our event are well covered. I cannot say enough good things about Ted. He will do everything you ask and more.”

Dr. R.C. Trotter