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It’s a passion, really.

Ask anyone associated with the sport of rodeo, and they’ll likely have the same answer. It’s what pushes them across the highways going from one gig to another, ponying up entry fees to compete for the prize money available.

The same can be said for me. A longtime journalist who has covered everything from murder trials to soccer games, I’ve had the opportunity to write about rodeo — the most compelling sport in the world with some of the greatest people. There are tremendous storylines that are part of the sport, and I plan to bring those to you here.

Thanks for coming by. I hope you enjoy.


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Ken Stonecipher / October 14, 2010

Cool name, cool sight. You must have Danica Patrick’s phone number, so she could help you with your sight on go-daddy. I couldnt even find her cell phone.

Good work bro. By the way, do you need committee creds for Vegas?

Ted Harbin / October 14, 2010

I’m glad you like the name and the tagline, especially since you, Mr. Stonecipher, came up with it. Ladies and gentleman, Ken Stonecipher, a cowboy who can rope, sing and announce, even at the same time. He might have the sharpest wit in ProRodeo.

I write all that to say this: I contacted Ken just before creating the site because I needed a great name for it, and, well, he is one sharp cookie who can come up with stuff like this. He did. And I thank him for it.

debbie browning / October 15, 2010

kudos to you both! ted, are you going to link wordpress to facebook to twitter to maximize exposure with least amount of work? i use socialite wp plug-in — works fine for me. 🙂 altho there may be others. i ask because i’m very bad about remembering to check sites/blogs on a regular basis and if it’s on facebook, it’s much easier. 🙂 also, think about whether i can use a twisTEDrodeo feed on my rodeo page. that would be outstanding!

Jerry Norton / October 15, 2010

Outstanding site Ted!!
It’s a link that has been missing the whole time. Now to have it’s availability know to every newspaper in every rodeo town in the country! In due time my friend. It can happen, in due time! I’ll help out any way I can!

Rebecca Holdren / October 20, 2010

Cool website Ted. Congrats on a job well done


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