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I’d like to talk to the folks at the PRCA who are in charge of the annual convention and trade show, because I’d like to know how this year’s attendance compares to other years.

There seemed to be good numbers during some of the talking points at the convention, but the numbers inside the trade show looked to be way down.

Both are important to PRCA committees and contract personnel, who tend to meet in Vegas and come to agreements for the next year. It’s where announcers, clowns, bullfighters, etc., show off their wares and where committee folks shop to try to make their annual events better.

But what do you think? Were the numbers down this year? What can be done to make it better?


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Mike Donnell / December 26, 2010

A few thoughts since you asked:

1. It might have been my imagination but it seemed there were fewer exhibitors at the trade show this year.

2. The concept of who gets in to the trade show needs to be re-visited. I was denied admission at first because I carry Associate Member credentials. However, I am in a position to retain or recommend many of the exhibitors and some had asked me to visit their booths.

3. I did not see any of the conventions sessions devoted to use of social media .. something more committees and producers need to learn. Also, it is time for a session on media relations … how to get media coverage for your rodeo and what the media wants … there has not been one for some time.

4. I have to compliment the PRCA staff. They work long hours ahead of the convention and work really hard during the convention .., but they are helpful, friendly and polite every day, all day

Ted Harbin / December 28, 2010

I understand why there are limitations, but I’m not sure what all the limitations to the trade show are and why they are what they are. I get that the booth-owning announcers don’t want non-booth-holding announcers at the trade show visiting with committees and having the opportunity to do a little cherry picking. But I’m not sure why associate members aren’t allowed.

And, yes, I agree with you, Mike, in that the PRCA staffers on site were tremendous.


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