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GUYMON, Okla. – The first time Taos Muncy came to the Oklahoma Panhandle, he was a skinny youngster wanting to learn the business of riding bucking broncs.

Taos Muncy
Taos Muncy

The craving hasn’t changed for the Corona, N.M., cowboy, even a decade later. Mundy matched moves with the Korkow Rodeo Co. horse River Rat for 86 points during Saturday afternoon’s second performance to take the saddle bronc riding lead at the Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo. He’s living the dream he established all those years ago when he made his way to the Deke Latham Saddle Bronc Riding School in Goodwell, Okla., just 10 miles from Henry C. Hitch Pioneer Arena.

“This is one of the funnest rodeos to come back to all year,” said Muncy, the 2007 world champion saddle bronc rider who also won the National Intercollegiate Rodeo Association title earlier that year. “All my family comes to town for this since it’s only five hours from the house.”

It’s also where the family has been educated. Muncy and his sister, Jordan Muncy-Taton, attended Oklahoma Panhandle State University on rodeo scholarships, and both brought collegiate gold back to the region once known as No Man’s Land – Muncy-Taton is the reigning all-around and breakaway roping champion at the College National Finals Rodeo.

On Saturday afternoon, Taos Muncy put together a classic ride on River Rat, a classic South Dakota bucking horse.

“I think everybody wants to get on him everywhere we go,” Muncy said of the bronc. “He’s just a really good horse.”

But Muncy is a really good cowboy, and he’s having an exceptional year. He’s fifth in the world standings with $28,523. He’s got a good chance to make some good money in Guymon with just two performances remaining.

Oh, and he’s already been crowned a champion inside Hitch Arena – he won the second edition of the Classic Events Championship on Thursday night, a unique feature held in conjunction with Pioneer Days Rodeo in which 20 competitors rode two saddle broncs and competed in two rounds of steer roping. The specialized event featured saddle bronc riders who have plenty of all-around skills, and it fit into Muncy’s talent level quite easily.

“That was a ton of fun,” he said. “I rope at home, but it’s pretty hard to do much when we’re on the road. It sure was a good time, and I’ll do it again.”

He also hopes to win bronc riding in Guymon again, something he did in that magical 2007 season.

“They do a good job with this rodeo,” Muncy said. “The stock contractors all bring their best horses, and it’s really a good bronc riding. Everybody that stayed on today had good horses, and that’s what you want in these deals.”


Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo

Second Performance

Saturday afternoon

Bareback riding: 1. Heath Ford, 84 points on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Grass Dancer; 2. Steven Peebles, 83; 3. Bill Tutor, 82; 4. Jason Havens, 81; 5. Clint Cannon, 79; 6. Matt Crumpler, 77; 7. Steven Anding and Casey Colletti, 76.

Team roping: Third Round Leaders: 1. Turtle Powell/Jhett Johnson, 7.2 seconds; 2. Trevor Brazile/Patrick Smith, 7.3; 3. Justin Yost/’Kyle Crick, 7.5; 4. Andrew Ward/Reagan Ward, 7.8; 5. Derrick Begay/Cesar de la Cruz, 8.2; 6. Cody Doescher/Garrett Tonozzi, 8.7; 7. Jake Barnes/Walt Woodard, 8.8; 8. Cole Cooper/Jay McClain, 8.9. Average leaders: Brazile/Smith, 21.9 on three runs; 2. Powell/Johnson, 26.3; 3. Barnes/Woodard, 26.5; 4. Begay/de la Cruz, 27.7; 5. Ward/Ward, 32.2; 6. Cory Kidd V/Adam Plyler, 36.2; 7. Cody Scheck/Coy Thompson, 37.8; 8. Brady Tryan/Jake Long, 38.8.

Steer roping: Third Round Leaders: 1. Shay Good, 11.4 seconds; 2. Tony Reina, 13.3; 3. Mike Chase, 14.3; 4. Trevor Brazile, 14.6; 5. Jimmie Cooper, 15.5; 6. Shandon Stalls, 15.6. Average Leaders: Brazile, 70.2 on five runs; 2. Cody Lee, 76.0; 3. Good, 83.3; 4. Chris Glover, 89.4; 5. Kim Ziegelgruber, 53.0 on four; 6. Chase, 54.0.

Saddle bronc riding: 1. Taos Muncy, 86 points on Korkow Rodeos’ River Rat; 2. Luke Butterfield, 82; 3. Jeff Willert, 81; 4. Travis Sheets, Brady Bolton, Jesse Bail, Camp Crook, S.D., and Jace Garrett, 80; 8. Chad Ferley, 79.

Steer wrestling: Third Round Leaders: 1. Ronnie Fields, 3.6 seconds; 2. Matt Reeves, 3.8; 3. T.J. Bohlender, 4.7; 4. Beau Clark, 4.8; 5. Trell Etbauer, 5.2; 6. Cody Moore, 5.3. Average Leaders: 1. Reeves, 14.8 on three runs; 2. Jason Miller, 14.9; 3. Termaine Dubose, 15.8; 4. Etbauer, 18.8; 5. Gabe Burrows and Jule Hazen, 19.7; 7. Clark, 21.2; 8. Fields, 22.1.

Tie-down roping: Third Round Leaders: 1. Stetson Vest, 8.7 seconds; 2. Jeremiah Peek, 8.8; 3. Cody Owens, 8.9; 4. Clint Singleton, 9.1; 5. Trevor Brazile, 10.1; 6. Ryan Jarrett, 11.0. Average Leaders: 1. Peek, 27.3; 2. Jarrett, 29.5; 3. Brazile, 34.9; 4. Owens, 35.2; 5. Singleton, 35.6; 6. Vest, 36.6.

Barrel racing: Second Round Leaders: 1. Kassidy Dennison, 17.24; 2. Carlee Pierce, 17.29; 3. Alicia Stockton, 17.34; 4. Mary Burger, 17.45; 5. Diane Axmann, 17.61; 6. Nicole Yost, 17.71; 7. Deb Christy, 17.75; 8. Darcy Clark, 17.77; 9. Gretchen Benbenek, 17.85; 10. Lindsey Ewing and Sherry Cervi, 17.87. Average Leaders: 1. Dennison, 34.65 on two runs; 2. Axmann, 35.44; 3. Stockton, 35.53; 4. Carol Chesher, 35.80; 5. Benbenek, 35.86; 6. Lauren Cox, 35.90; 7. April Denny, 35.97; 8. Christy, 35.99; 9. Clark, 36.04; 10. Sallye Williams and Annie Campbell, 36.07.

Bull riding: 1. Steve Woolsey, 83 points on Carr Pro Rodeo’s Kickapoo Warrior; 2. Dillon Tyner and Rankin Lindsey, 81; 4. Nathan Klassen, 80; 5. Ty Clearwater, 76; 6. Jimmy Anderson, 72.


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