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Vickie Shireman and Dollie Riddle do a lot of the same things in the world of rodeo. Both are secretaries and timers in the PRCA, and both work a lot of events for Beutler & Son Rodeo Co., the family livestock firm that’s been around as long as ProRodeo. Their brother, Bennie, and nephew, Rhett, run the operation now, but it’s been part of their lives all their lives.

The sisters will be in Las Vegas during the 53rd Wrangler National Finals Rodeo working behind the scenes like they do at so many events. Shireman is the event’s office manager, and Riddle will be one of the timers. But the Beutler sisters weren’t always behind the scenes. There once was a time when they were featured in front of the fans at many rodeos.

What did Vickie Shireman and Dollie Riddle do in front of all those rodeo fans?


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