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Clayton Hass
Clayton Hass

CLAYTON HASS, Terrell, Texas

There are a lot of adjectives to describe Clayton Hass.

Steer wrestler. Team roper. Tie-down roper.

They’re all fitting, but so is horse trainer. You see, Hass is a cowboy in every form of the word. In the world of rodeo, he’s a multitasker, a man who can handle several aspects of the business in winning form. He’s proven it over the course over the last 22 years, since he first backed a horse into the timed-event box.

He was 7 years old.

Last season, Hass battled through the rigors of the unique five go-rounds of the Timed Event Championship. From there, he utilized that momentum into 12 event titles – all but one came in his home state of Texas, and that one was the bulldogging crown in Hamel, Minn.

Overall, Hass finished the campaign 19th in the final all-around standings, 29th in steer wrestling. More importantly, the three-event cowboy has a chance to win all-around crowns at just about every rodeo in which he competes, which leads us to this weekend.

Hass has established himself as one of the top timed-event cowboys in Texas; now he has a chance to prove it on a national stage.


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