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JONESBORO, Ark. – Northeastern Arkansas is filled with the majesty and beauty that rests in the picturesque landscape that flows like the Mississippi River.

Come mid-September, the attractiveness magnifies with the powerful bucking beasts from Texas-based firms Carr Pro Rodeo and Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo, which will produce awesome athleticism that is on display during the NEA District Fair and Rodeo, set for 8 p.m. Friday, Sept. 13-Saturday, Sept. 14, at the Arkansas State University Convocation Center in Jonesboro.

“The thing about Pete Carr’s rodeos is that when you go to one, you know you’re going to get a chance to win first,” said bareback rider Matt Bright, a three-time NFR qualifier from Stafford, Texas. “A lot of guys don’t have that.

Matt Bright
Matt Bright

“I really respect that guy a lot, because he used to be a bareback rider himself. I think that’s why he’s got such a good pen of bareback horses. He knows what kinds of horses guys can win on.”

Carr knows the importance of quality livestock. Bareback riders and saddle bronc riders need great horses, while bull riders hunger for awesome athletes. Scores, using the 100-point scale, come from both sides of the equation: The cowboy judged from 1-50 on how well he rides, while the animal is scored 1-50 on how well he bucks.

That’s why top quality livestock is the backbone of a great rodeo, and the Carr staff works hard throughout the year to provide that at the 34 events it will produce.

“These animals thrive on this,” said Pete Carr, owner of the two elite livestock firms. “It’s just like people. When somebody feels good, they’re happy and they’re upbeat. They carry themselves differently.

“It’s the same with a horse. When a bucking horse knows he’s going to get to buck, he gets excited, and he’s ready to go.”

Carr animals live most of the year on lush grasslands in east Texas. From a tremendous breeding program that features world-class genetics to the right diet and health plan for each animal, that’s where they receive the tender loving care they need to perform at their best when it’s time to hit the rodeo trail.

“They’re all bred to buck, and even though they all have different personalities, they’re ready to go,” Carr said. “By getting on the truck, they know they’re going to go buck. They’re pretty eager to get on the truck.”

They’re pretty good, too. In fact, the Carr firms accounted for 31 animals that were selected to buck at the 2012 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, the sport’s grand championship that takes place each December in Las Vegas. Only the elite horses and bulls in rodeo are selected to perform at the NFR.

“We’ve been pretty blessed to have had some great animals over the years,” Carr said, noting that three animals from his herd have been named the Bareback Horse of the Year: Real Deal in 2005, Big Tex in 2010 and MGM Deuces Night in 2012.

That’s just one reason why Carr Pro Rodeo and Pete Carr’s Classic Pro Rodeo is recognized as one of the very best in the sport. There are many others, and fans in Jonesboro will see it very soon.


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