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Scott Snedecor
Scott Snedecor

Fredricksburg, Texas

You didn’t see Scott Snedecor compete at the Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping last November. He missed the finale for the first in 11 years, finishing the regular season 18th in the world standings; 2012 was just one of those years for the two-time World Champion.

He’s been on a mission the entire 2013 campaign, and he’s back in his rightful place among the qualifiers for this amazing championship.

How has he done it? Mostly, Snedecor has picked up checks all along the way. He has just three rodeo championships this season – though one of those was at the prestigious Pendleton (Ore.) Round-Up, where he pocketed nearly $8,400; he also added victories in Silver City, N.M., and San Angelo, Texas.

Snedecor knows what it takes to persevere. When he won the World Title for the first time, he did so by beating “The Legend” Guy Allen by just $1.67. He’ll need to have a solid performance over the two days of competition inside this arena, but he’s up for a task.

He’s a champion, after all.


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