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Bullfighters Only renews event’s history by bringing the action back to Ada

ADA, Okla. – There’s nothing like coming home.

Whether they’ve laced up their cleats inside the Pontotoc County Agriplex or not, the 15 men who will be part of the Bullfighters Only understand the history freestyle bullfighting in that building.

Champions have been crowned, and legends have been formed.

Weston Rutkowski
Weston Rutkowski

Now, thanks to the BFO, the greatest young talent in the game – mixed with some bullfighting veterans and icons – will put their talents on display during the Bullfighters Only stand-alone event, set for 7:30 p.m. Saturday at the Agriplex in Ada.

This is freestyle bullfighting at its best, and many fans in southeast Oklahoma know the sport well. For those that don’t know the sport, they might just be in for the ride of their lives. Men put their lives on the line for this coveted championship; that’s what bullfighting is all about.

“It’s a two-hour, action-packed event where you have 15 of the best bullfighters of the world,” said Weston Rutkowski, the reigning BFO world champion. “These televised, stand-alone events make bullfighting so much bigger.”

Beau Schueth
Beau Schueth

What makes it a big deal is the man-vs.-beast factor. A big part of Bullfighters Only’s success lies within the heart-stopping action that comes with the extreme danger in freestyle bullfighting. Men will try to stay within inches of the bulls, which are bred to be part of this type of fight. The most successful will keep the animal engaged closely while showcasing true athleticism to stay out of harm’s way.

With scores based on a 100-point scale, men can earn up to 50 points per fight based on their ability to exhibit control and style while maneuvering around or over an animal; a bull can earn up to 50 points based on its quickness, aggression and willingness to stay with the bullfighter.

“It’s so much fun to fight against guys you’ve watched and learned from,” said Beau Schueth of O’Neill, Neb. “Now to compete with them and be on their level is an awesome feeling.”

Bullfighters Only is all about innovation, and that’s been the driving force behind it’s incredible growth. Two years ago, the BFO was showcasing the sport via sessions that were posted on social media. Now it’s in the midst of its second full season of battling toward a world championship.

“In bullfighting, you’re basically the underdog every match you go into,” said Zach Call of Mullen, Neb. “It’s cool that you can stay focused enough that even though you’re going up against something that’s bigger, strong and faster than you, you can come out unscathed.

“The only way to beat the bull is with your head. You don’t outrun them. You have to outsmart them.”

Tickets are on sale now and can be purchased at Boom-A-Rang Diner in Ada or online at www.bullfightersonly.com.

Weston Rutkowski
Beau Schueth
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