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EAGLE, Colo. – Fourteen years ago, life was considerably different for Hanna Albertson.

She had just been crowned the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo queen. It wasn’t the first time she was involved in the annual exposition, but it was a critical piece of what helped lay the foundation for her vibrant personality.

Hanna Albertson grew up around the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo. Now she's the chairwoman of the expo's advisory committee.
Hanna Albertson grew up around the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo. Now she’s the chairwoman of the expo’s advisory committee.

Albertson has spent most of her life in Eagle County. She was born in Aspen, Colo., but moved to Vail at the age of 2. She has continued to be a big part of her community event, which is set for Wednesday, July 19-Saturday, July 22, at the Eagle County Fairgrounds.

“She is the chairwoman of the fair and rodeo advisory council, and she does an amazing job,” Fair Manager Tanya Dahlseid said. “She is impressive. She is a hard worker and dedicate. She’s just so helpful.

“She is so driven to make this the best of the best.”

The fair and rodeo is a vital event in the community, and it brings so many people from throughout the valley to Eagle for the festival. But it goes beyond that. Because the area is such a hot spot for tourists through the summer, the fair and rodeo becomes another top attraction.

“What’s cool about our fair and rodeo is it’s not necessarily the people from our area that come but people from around the globe,” Albertson said. “They can come to the Eagle County Fair and Rodeo to get funnel cakes, see the 4H exhibits and enjoy the rodeo. That’s what makes this event so special.

“We have a diverse population, and we bring in new people and introduce them to the sport of rodeo.”

It not only makes the expo special, it’s what defines this vibrant community. It’s also what defines Albertson, a Southern Methodist University graduate who has returned to her home to be part of the Eagle County fabric.

“The fair and rodeo is an amazing community event and keeps this Western heritage event in Eagle County,” she said. “it’s just a great event for our community and shows where we came from.

“Giving back to my community is what runs in my family. This is my way of giving back and making a difference.”

It shows, in every exhibit, every carnival ride, every rodeo performance and every funnel cake consumed.


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