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Common sense seems to be missing in today’s society.

Yes, I understand there is a pandemic, and I understand that certain restrictions must be met, but panic seems to be the norm in today’s society, and that means common sense has been thrown out with the wash.

Late Tuesday afternoon, Kansas Gov. Laura Kelly closed all school buildings for the remainder of the school year. From kindergarten classrooms to college dorms, vacancy is the name of the game.

In northwest Missouri where we live, our schools are closed through April 3. That’s just shy of three weeks on break and a solid wait-and-see approach to what’s happening with COVID-19.

Should the rest of the school year and activities be shut down when there are so many unanswered questions? Postponements are valid, because of the unknowns. Asking for social distancing is smart. Limiting contact, cutting down on numbers for a short time is a solid approach.

Canceling the next two and a half months is panic.

Here’s hoping other states utilize a more common-sense approach to the coronavirus than my home state of Kansas. Be smart, be conservative with contact and approach the future with open eyes and a mind focused on the health of everyone involved.

Right now, the Kansas governor has raided the toilet-paper aisle in terms of common sense, and the state’s citizens will have to pay for her panic hoarding.


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