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Getting the award

Trell Etbauer is in Las Vegas tonight, even though he didn’t qualify for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. He’s here to receive his Linderman Award, given to the cowboy who excells in roughstock and timed events. While the all-around goes to the contestant who earns the most money in multiple events, the Liniderman is a[...]
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Bull riding Round 3

1. Kanin Asay, 91 points on Wild Card Rodeo’s Pocket Change, $17,512 2. Cody Whitney, 90.5 on Burns Rodeo’s Kid Twist, $13,840 3. J.W. Harris, 88.5 on Andrews Rodeo’s Body Works, $10,450 4. D.J. Domangue, 87.5 on Cervi & Guidry Rodeo’s Multi-Chem Comet’s Surprise, $7,344 5. Seth Glause on Cervi & Guidry’s Red Brand Amy’s[...]
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Saddle bronc riding Round 3

1. Cody Wright, 88 points on Kesler Championship Rodeo’s Spanish Pair, $17,512 2. Jesse Wright, 87.5 on Flying 5 Rodeo’s Sundance, $13,840 3. Wade Sundell, 84 on Calgary Stampede’s Luxurious Bubbles, $10,451 4. Scott Miller, 80 on Harvey Northcott Rodeo’s Get Smart, $7,344 5. Cody DeMoss, 79.5 on Three Hills Rodeo’s Prom Nite, $4,519 6.[...]
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