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While touring the ProRodeo Hall of Fame last weekend, I came upon the exhibit featuring my friend Clem McSpadden, the longtime voice of rodeo who died in July 2008.

Clem was the general manager of the National Finals Rodeo when it took place in Oklahoma City, and he was an influential member of the Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association for many years. He was an excellent communicator, whether on the microphone in Dodge City or in the halls of Congress.

One of the greatest things he penned was “The Cowboys Prayer,” a wonderful piece of prose he recited countless times before events. A copy of it sits in the case near his display. I’m glad it’s there, and I wish everyone who has ever been to a rodeo would have heard Clem present it.

Unfortunately, I’ve heard announcers attempt to duplicate it. I wish they wouldn’t, because nobody else can do it justice. Not only that, but the piece is copyrighted, and nobody should use it for any reason without permission by Clem’s family.

It’s only the right thing to do.

It’s also the legal thing to do.


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