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There are many differences between the PBR and a traditional rodeo, but as the world finals takes place this week in Las Vegas, the points system employed by the PBR is the focus as it prepares to crown its world champion.

In rodeo, dollars equal points, so the contestant in each event who has earned the most money is the world champion. In the PBR, the cowboy with the most points at the end of the season wins the title. For instance, Austin Meier of Kinta, Okla., has 10,977.25 points. He has earned $263,704.

I won’t begin to try to explain how the points system works. I’ll leave that to TV announcer Justin McKee. But Brazilian Renato Nunes has placed in both go-rounds so far and has earned 778 points.

But he’s also earned $28,000 in two days. Having that much money available is incredible, but the PBR has been doing that sort of thing for a long time.


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