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Chris LeDoux not only was a great entertainer, he was a real cowboy. If you listen to his music, you can hear it. His tales were spun about the rodeo trail, likely written on the rodeo trail. I met the man in the late 1990s at the Kansas State Fair in Hutchinson.

I was covering the rodeo for The Hutchinson News, and a day after Brittany Spears’ people tried to have the livestock removed from the grandstands infield before she’d take the stage, I leaned against the fence and chatted about rodeo with a legend. He watched the rodeo, telling me how much he liked Ike Sankey’s buckin’ horses. I listened intently. Who wouldn’t listen to a fantastic storyteller who wore a world champion’s gold buckle?

In what event, and in what year, did he win a PRCA world championship?


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Denise / October 31, 2010

Bareback 1976

ronnie pennington / October 31, 2010

in the bareback 1973 i beleive.

Kate Duncan / October 31, 2010

Saddle bronc riding in 1972

ronnie pennington / October 31, 2010

bareback 1976

C.D. Lopez / October 31, 2010

1976, World Champion Bareback rider.
Man, meeting Chris must’ve been seven shades of awesome.

Stephen Snow / October 31, 2010

Chris Ledoux- 1976 World Champion bareback rider

Debbie Scott / October 31, 2010

1976 Bareback Bronc riding.

Megan / October 31, 2010


Ted Harbin / October 31, 2010

Congratulations to Denise, who posted the first correct answer. Chris LeDoux was the 1976 world champion bareback rider. There were a lot of correct answers, but Denise was the first to post. (I just got to the point where I could approve the comments.)

Keep coming back. TwisTED Rodeo will have more trivia questions, but you are welcome to post comments on any piece you wish.


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