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D.V. Fennell has been a friend for much of the last decade. Over the past few years, I’ve had the pleasure of working with the man and getting to know him even better.

D.V. Fennell
D.V. Fennell

And here’s something most folks don’t know about D.V.: He’s very well spoken and very entertaining, providing insights and details about his life on the rodeo trail and riding bareback horses. But he also uses the English language in a unique, Southern way that makes me smile every time we chat.

When I asked about competing at the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo with two of his three traveling partners (Justin McDaniel and Steven Peebles), he replied: “Steel sharpens steel. You take four guys that rodeo all year long together, and it helps each of us bring their A game.”

When I asked what his favorite part of competing at the NFR, he said, “You get to nod your head with the best players and the best stock. It’s icing on the cake. You eat cake all year long, and you get the icing at the end.”

While working on a piece for Carr Pro Rodeo, I asked D.V. about Pete Carr’s bareback horses, and he said, “Pete’s got a nice set of horses. It should be good. I wish Pete had a rodeo in my back yard every week with about $10,000 added; I’d never have to leave the house.”

D.V. Fennell is genuine. He doesn’t spout off a bunch of B.S., and when he does use a cliche, there’s a reason behind it. I love visiting with him, whether it’s work-related or just chatting. Now you know why.


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