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Trevor Brazile was all smiles Friday night after clinching his eighth all-around world championship, a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association record.

Brazile has always been one of the great people in ProRodeo. As overwhelmingly talented as he is, he remains humble. Likeable. Personable. Gracious.

As a dozen members of the media swarmed around the 34-year-old cowboy just outside the media room, he admitted to keeping an eye on the happenings, but it wasn’t because he was doing all-around math.

“I was just trying to figure on where I was going to place in team roping, because I’ve won more money already this year than I did all last year,” said Brazile, one of just two cowboys to have qualified for the National Finals in all four roping events. “I’ve quadrupled it.”

He talked about his family, which includes wife Shada, son Treston and daughter Stella Bell. No matter the outcome of any competition, he knows his children will be his biggest fans and greatest supporters. Still, he admitted, 3-year-old Treston is already a roping critic.

“After last night, he told me, ‘I told you that you needed two wraps and a huey on that calf,’ ” Brazile said Friday. “I said, ‘I did put two wraps and a huey on that calf.’ But he said, ‘You didn’t tie it tight enough.’ ”


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