McKee, PBR together again

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Justin McKee
Justin McKee

Announcer Justin McKee is going to be working with the Professional Bull Riders again, adding his experience and expertise in a little different capacity.

In a release issued Friday, the PBR announced that McKee and PBR Now on RFD-TV will both return to the airwaves next Thursday for a special edition. McKee and PBR have also finalized an agreement to include McKee as a media and live event personality in future projects.

It doesn’t mention if McKee will be part of the regular TV production of the PBR’s Built Ford Tough Series on the VERSUS network. Based on the tone of the news release, I assume that McKee will not be on the regular “game” broadcasts of the events.

The administrator of the Save Justin McKee page on Facebook wrote: “I’m happier than a pig in fresh mud … WE WON!!!!!! Justin McKee is coming back to the PBR!!!! Congratulations McKee and his loyal fans, the PBR finally listened.”


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