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I had a nice e-mail exchange with Steven Knowles, who told me about the newly formed Fort Hays State University Rodeo Club Alumni.

As a proud alumnus of the university, I want to reach out to those who have been part of the rodeo program. The organization wants to re-establish old relationships with friends and make new ones that have a common purpose, support the current club and team and teams and to financially support promote and contribute to the team and to the clubs scholarships and fund raising efforts.

The big push will be to raise enough to endow the newly created Doc Brower scholarship and to raise money for future endowed scholarships so we can make FHSU a major contributor to professional rodeo and a strong alumni association for rodeo and Fort Hays State in general.

How cool is that?

I applaud Steven and those who are part of the FHSU Rodeo Club Alumni organization, those who want to reach out and make things better, to build a future by reaching into the past.

So if you know of anyone who has been associated with the Fort Hays State rodeo club, let them know about this.


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