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I feel rather foolish. It took me eight days to figure out the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo had livestreaming of the rodeo on its website.

I’ve been missing out on something special. The action is great, and there are plenty of added benefits to taking in RodeoHouston this way. I loved the interviews, something that would jazz up about any production. Plus, I believe, the livestreaming is what patrons inside Reliant Stadium are viewing when they look at the screens.

With this feature, fans got to see Kansan Jeanne Anderson win Tuesday’s second go-round in Super Series II. Anderson, a veteran barrel racer, qualified for the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo for the first time in her career his past December.

Tyson Durfey placed second in tie-down roping for the second straight night and leads the average. His $2,000 in earnings puts him in a tie for most money earned with Cory Solomon, Monday’s round winner, and Shank Edwards, who won the second go.

Other winners were bareback rider Jessy Davis, team ropers Turtle Powell and Jhett Johnson, steer wrestler Kenneth Lewis and bull rider Clayton Savage. Saddle bronc rider J.J. Elshere took advantage of a re-ride to win his second straight go-round.

And the best part is I got to watch it live from the comfort of my recliner.


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Ted Stovin / March 9, 2011


I haven’t had the opportunity to watch Houston on the internet yet but I think that’s pretty cool. I’m planning on doing something similar for my bull riding in May. I’m not sure how to make the whole event live and there won’t be any special effects, but the bull rides will still go up.

It’s really not that tough.I have been to a few events so far this year and been taping things on my phone. I can record a short video of the ride and have it up live on YouTube withing about 5 minutes after the ride or run.

Sure, it could be a lot better but it’s cheap and easy to get it out there so people can see it. I bet a lot of the bigger rodeos around could do what Houston is doing and get their rodeo’s out to more people too. I think it could do a lot for our sport Ted, what do you think?

Ted Harbin / March 9, 2011

The reality, Ted, is that most of these bigger rodeos are already videoing the action and playing it on some screen at their arena. More and more smaller outdoor rodeos are doing it, too. The scoreboard industry has blown up in the last several years in allowing this type of technology to give to their fans.

If they’re already videoing the rodeo, there is technology that can allow for that video to be set up livestreaming. I think all the big rodeos should consider making it part of the package.

The argument is going to be that it will keep fans away from the arena, but I disagree with that. All watching the second round of Super Series III did for me was make me want to travel to Houston. But logistically, I can’t make that work this year, but I’ll make every effort possible to watch the action on my computer.

The livestreaming also allows for bigger and better sponsorship opportunities. Sponsors want exposure, and simple analytics can tell rodeos the kind of exposure they’re receiving online. It’s better than the Nielson ratings for television.

Not only should large rodeos seriously consider livestreaming, but smaller rodeos should investigate to make sure the costs are within range to make something like this work.


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