Can a quadruple crown really happen?

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In talking to Stran Smith on Friday, we got to talking a little about his friend, 14-time world champion Trevor Brazile.

This last year, he won the tie-down roping world title, the heading world title and the all-around world title, the latter a Professional Rodeo Cowboys Association record eighth. In winning three gold buckles, Brazile won the elusive Triple Crown for the second time in four years; he also won the Triple Crown in 2007.

It took 24 years for someone to earn the coveted honor after Roy Cooper won the Triple Crown in 1983, then it took just three years for Brazile to match it. It’s a phenomenal feat.

“But nobody’s talked about a quadruple crown,” Smith said, noting that Brazile has earned two world championships in steer roping. “Realistically he could win the quadruple crown.”

As talented and focused as Brazile is, it could happen very soon, too.


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