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On a day when we celebrate our risen Lord and teach our young children the reason why, I like to the faith by which I lead my life.

I’m blessed by the grace of God. The old military theory is there are no atheists in foxholes, because when you face such uncertainty, you must lean on your faith.

The rodeo world is surrounded by foxholes, from the treacherous miles getting from one event to another to the potential danger of competing with wild livestock. Throw in the general nature of making a living on the rodeo trail – where a contestant must pay a fee to compete and only earns a check if he/she does better than most – and cowboys and cowgirls live their lives on faith.

They must believe in themselves, their talent, their fortitude and their work ethic. If they compete in the timed events, they have to believe in their athletic horses.

Most of all, their faith in God tends to be stronger than most. It’s what helps them strive for the best and fight through adversity, even when adversity seems to be winning. Their passions are strong and guided because of their faith.

And they remember, He is risen; He is risen indeed.


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