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While going through things in our storage area, my wife and I came across the television broadcast of the 1998 Guymon (Okla.) Pioneer Days Rodeo.

It’s definitely interesting to see the telecast, hear the voices of Hadley Barrett and Curt Robinson and see a much younger set of friends. It’s also interesting to see the difference in the quality of bucking animals from just 13 years ago; over the last five or six years, each of the four performances of Pioneer Days Rodeo has been like a mini-Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

It’s also quite interesting that the “sideline” reporter is a young announcer named Justin McKee, and the lead commentator is Reed Flake; the latter is still involved in Rodeo Video, handling all the necessary duties it takes to produce the shows. It’s kind of funny to listen to his voice on the broadcast, then see the tall cowboy working the video camera

I think it’s important the rodeo world looks at its history so we can see just how far its come.


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