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The trip to Dodge City, Kan., is more than a working rodeo; it’s also a family trip, something we’ve done for several years.

It’s nice to have the family with me. We’re surely enjoying ourselves. But it hasn’t been without a little trouble. I’ve pulled a muscle in my groin. In fact, it was so bad during the first performance on Wednesday night, I couldn’t walk without a huge limp, and it really was trouble in the arena trying fight bulls.

Thankfully the Justin Sportsmedicine Team is here at Round-Up Arena. “Zig” (athletic trainer Bill Ziegler) and the local docs have really done a ton to help me out. I’m feeling pretty good, even though I’ve gotten a shot in an area … let me just say there are about 100 places on my body that would be better places to get a shot.

Still it’s giving me a chance to do something I love at a rodeo I love.


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