‘I love you with all my heart’

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The rodeo trail can be long and winding. It can lead many places, good and bad.

For me, it’s a wonder and realization of dreams. But my dreams aren’t the same as those who compete for gold buckles; yes, they’re in the same aisle of the store, but what I do is fairly different that those who ride rank bucking horses or tie down calves.

The rodeo trail is filled with passion, but passion, too, as many faces. Today I hit the trail to follow my passion for rodeo and for promoting it. I’m excited. I’m blessed. I’m able to do something I love; there aren’t many that can say that.

But I leave behind, even for a few days, another high passion, one that’s higher on the priority scale, and I realize the sacrifice many make in order to follow their dreams. I’ll be gone for a couple of weeks, and I’ll be doing something I’ll absolutely love; but I will leave my girls home.

As I finished packing the car this morning, I came across a tiny note scribbled on a sticky pad by my 9-year-old. It reads, “I love you with all my heart.”

I’m not sure she understands why Daddy has to leave for several days, but I’m thankful she understands that passion.


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