Kansas City rodeo: It’s more of a marathon than a Sprint

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This week is supposed to mark five years I’ve covered the American Royal rodeo in Kansas City. In that time, I will have covered it via closed-circuit from the hospitality area, written from the top of a trash can and done interviews in a bathroom stall.

Ah, the glorious life of a writer, I know.

The reality is, I’m blessed to do what I love no matter where I do it. When you have great stories like these, it’s wonderful. Plus, my goal is to entice all readers to take in a rodeo and see what all the fun is about.

Of course, I don’t have confirmation that I’ll be covering the rodeo just yet. Even though I requested credentials a few weeks ago, I just received the required form to do so. In fact, I will not find out if I’m approved for credentials to do my job until Thursday, the first of three days of competition at the Sprint Center in downtown Kansas City.

I’m really not sure why the delay or why the Sprint Center media department feels the need to wait until the last minute to handle all these tasks. You’d think an event like this in a metro area as large as Kansas City would mean allowing more than a couple of days to approve requests and more than a few hours notice to give those media outlets notice.

But these are the cards I’m dealt, so I’ll roll with it. I’m already all-in, so we’ll just see how the hand plays out.

But as a media director for many events, I know the importance of media coverage and doing everything possible to make sure reporters, photographers and videographers have everything they need to cover my rodeos. If done right, it can pay off in the end.

A good media person can really ignite promotions. That’s a win-win situation for producers, arenas and everyone in the middle.


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