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In looking back over the two days of the Clem McSpadden National Finals Steer Roping, there were tremendous highs and lows throughout the competition.

J.P. Wickett was as high as he could be through the first four go-rounds on Friday, winning two rounds and placing in two more, collecting more than $17,000 in the process. He added just $2,000 and change on Saturday; except for the final two rounds, where he had a 19.1 and a no-time, Wickett roped very well. I hope his reflection on the 2011 Clem McSpadden will be quite positive.

Rocky Patterson made a great run for the world title on Saturday after struggling to just two qualified runs on Friday night. Patterson’s performance looked like this: second- and ninth-round victories, second place in the fourth and sixth, and third place in the seventh. His first night struggles pushed him out of the average, but Patterson fought through that to earn $21,385.

Actually he surpassed Trevor Brazile heading into the final go-round. Of course, Trevor finished third in the average, so that ended Patterson’s attempt at three straight world titles. But it sure made for a lot of fun.


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